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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
1st Fighter/Monk (+1 BAB ; +2 all saves)
2nd Monk/Rogue (+1 BAB ; +3 all saves)
3rd Rogue/Wizard (+2 BAB ; +3 all saves)
4th Monk/Wizard (+3 BAB ; +3 Fort/Ref ; +4 Will)
I thought this way at first but went with that the "rogue" should provide its +2 as its a new class. Giving 3,5,3 for saves.

Just pulling the best "save" and progressing is not a bad way either and makes sense. The issue is my new Pathfinder gestalt addon has complaints that the saves in this example should be 3,4,3 as the monk increased Ref by +1 and the Rogue increased by 2 so we increase by 2 not 1.

Currently my addon sees the rogue level as a "new" class and adds in the value. This seemed to make sense based on what you said Sendric. I see it as having two levels of monk giving 3,3,3 and then the rogue applies new values of +2 Ref. From the point of view that a normal Monk 2 / Rogue 1 would have saves of 3,5,3 it makes sense.

I guess the question is if the monk/rogue is a "new" class or not? Its really confusing when you add in multiclassing here. My other thought is if monk/rogue is a "new" class then it should have base saves of 2,2,2 added to the level 1 fighter/monk to get 4,4,4.

Doing a google search provided no real answers as most people are all over the place. The only one that surfaced is many use the fractional BAB and Save method from the UA as that makes things easier to figure out....


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