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Just to avoid duplicating work, I’ve got the following items done or in progress, and will be forwarding them to Robert as they become ready. As you can see I’ve got several projects under way, but my friends keep asking me to add things for them, heh. Anyhow, I’ve got these covered and should have them done before too long. I can also very quickly add other characters that people want – the main thing that takes time is fancy validation and inter-related unit rules like those on the two Dwarfs below.

Already Done
• VC Army of the Cairns (White Dwarf 310)
• Heinrich Kemmler (Alt Version, White Dwarf 309)
• Klawmunkast, Warlock Master (Online)
• Neferata, Queen of Vampires (Online)

In Progress
• Skaven Hellpit Army (White Dwarf 310)
• Skaven Doom Wheel (Online)
• Skaven Rat Tank (Online)
• Ungrim Ironfist (Storm of Chaos)
• Garagrim Ironfist (Storm of Chaos)
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