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Just sent a big package of new stuff and fixes to Robert.

New Special Characters
Added Deathmaster Snikch for Skaven armies
Added Ikit Claw, Chief Warlock for Skaven armies
Added Lord Skrolk for Skaven armies
Added Warlord Queek Head-Taker for Skaven armies
Added Melkhior for Vampire Counts armies
Added Vlad and Isabella for Vampire Counts armies
Added Morbus Sanguis, Plague Lord, for Skaven armies
Added Castelian Goritch for Skaven armies

New Army Sub Type
Added the Hellpit army of Skaven Clan Moulder

New Skaven Units
Warpstone Mutants for use with Klawmunkast
Warpstone Rat Tank for use with Klawmunkast
Yellow Plague Rat Swarm option for use with Morbus

Skaven Unit Fixes
Special Characters are now compatable with Grey Seers

Special Character Fixes
Klawmunkast is no longer restricted to Skryre armies
Klawmunkast now validates his special composition rules
Special characters are now properly flagged as such
Kemmler the Lichemaster should now filter properly

Vampire Counts Fixes
The Black Coach now has a squad name
Cairns unit champion upgrades now have costs
Cairns now should allow champions at max size
Set Simulacra to have a unit strength of three
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