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Originally Posted by thistledown View Post
I don't think we're on the same page. Right now, I do this:
Create new, select NPC as the type. Confirm add character.
Open it, go to character, go to race. I can pick a void hag, an urog, or any of the AA things, but I can't pick a human or a vesk. I can then modify that urog into the monster I want, but the vesk I'd have to start from scratch.
This is largely where I ran into issues in the understanding of player races as NPCs, because the new player races in AA were presented as a traditional race instead of as a humanoid that you then selected as a subtype selection. The consistency for this isn't clear and it is confusing because of this.

I understand that LW can't/shouldn't make up rules, but this is where there should be some communication back with Paizo to better explain how this should work, especially when you see AA races also as options. Personally, I think the AA races should be base AA rules for Monster use, with the ability to follow the custom NPC rules using the player races in AA following the same rule building design from the Core book. That would keep consistency and be more clear.

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