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Requires Investigation
  • 3.5 - Complete Champion: Domain Granted Power grants multiple classes domain spells
  • 3.5 - Complete Divine: Divine Metamagic feat does not qualify if Cleric has cold or similar domain (turn fire, cold, etc)
  • 3.5 - Complete Divine: Divine Oracle Does Not Work For Archivist - needs fine-tuning for wizard
  • 3.5 - Races of the Wild: Elvencraft longbow does not display club info as magical item
  • Custom - Core Book Mods: Why change timing of Call CalcVal to First/100? Do we need this?
  • DL - Races of Ansalon: Improvised weapons.
  • How to add Fractional saving throw adjustment
  • How to add adjustment for Epic saving throws
  • Why are there three Centaur race options?
  • How to add Favored Enemy through a Class Variant (
  • Implement Shield Bash for named magic shields
  • Why are there two Storm Magic feats? (if legit, update Stormsinger PrC pre-req)
  • Why are there two Summoning subschoool tags?

  • 3.5 - Players Handbook 2: Agile Shield Fighter feat not working correctly. (need update from core)
  • 3.5 - Heroes of Battle: Add Commander Auras.
  • 3.5 - Complete Divine : Ur-Priest PrC takes as required only Malign Spell Focus instead of Spell Focus (Evil). [NOTE]: This PrC is from Book of Vile Darkness and is correct. Check updated version from CDiv for changes.
  • Update feats from Complete Psionic to improve scripting
  • Add remaining Planar domains from Spell Compendium
  • Udpate the Artificer's bonus feat list once remaining Eberron feats are added
  • Take a look at how Mystic works. It's selection of domains is far too short.
  • Improve poisons to use the Value field for the DC
  • Check Dwarvencraft implementation and new Elvencraft items
  • Add Cleric Domains for races that need them (Drider; Eladrin, Ghaele; Lammasu)
  • Seek pre-reqs for Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead and use appropriate tag (ie Divine Censure feat from Fiendish Codex 2) (this will cause some feats to display two errors when you don't have the ability.)
  • Assign User.Smite with all smite abilities.
  • Take a look at all classes/feats that use Invocations after Dragonfire Adept has been entered.
  • Modify scripts for Ice Beast and Shield Bash once "Hide.Weapon" tag becomes available
  • Add races Bogun, Phantom Bear and Phantom Wolf from Spell Compendium (pg 26, 156, 157)
  • Update breath weapon so that we can modify the damage from templates
  • Add remaining class variants from Champions of Valor
  • Add adjustment to allow characters to add spells to their list not normally part of their spell selection (such as an Archivist adding non-Cleric divine spells)
  • Provide an adjustment for Monster advancement that includes size increase
  • Move Dark Creature template to appropriate FR data file
  • This stuff:
  • This:
  • Fix skeleton template
  • Fix Half-Dragon template
  • Add Platinum dragon to list of available choices for Draconic Heritage, Dragonwrought and Draconic Legacy feats if character is dragonborn.
  • Add pre-reqs for Wild Shape adjustments for Wild Shape and level requirement
  • Add Psionic subtype for Psionic support
  • 3.5 - Monster Manual - Elf subraces do not gain Immunities to Sleep; All Animal Companions gain DR 5/Magic
  • Van Richten's Arsenal - Add domains.
  • Note to self: If you remove Size Adjustment, remove SpecSource tag from tail attack gained by Dragon Tail feat (RotD)
  • Mark shadow as familiar for Shadow Familiar feat.
  • Add adjustment for character aging.
  • FR - Underdark - Add domains ; add psionics (earth-node based spells).
  • Update how auras work (add Evil, Law, Chaos). I forget why we need this, but we do.

User Requests
  • 3.0 - Book of Vile Darkness: Cancer Mage
  • 3.5 - Cityscape: warlock invocations
  • 3.5 - Complete Divine: the relic Dawnstar
  • 3.5 - Complete Mage: Enlightened Spirit & Lyric Thaumaturge PrCs
  • 3.5 - Complete Psionics: Erudite, Racial Class Substitution levels
  • 3.5 - Draconomicon: Dragoncraft armor/material
  • 3.5 - Dragon Compendium: Tibbit race, other PrC's
  • 3.5 - Magic Item Compendium: Add Crystals (may require added functionality)
  • 3.5 - Monster Manual 2-5: Demons
  • 3.5 - Monster Manual 4: Weapons and PrC's
  • 3.5 - Races of the Dragon: Kobold Variants
  • 3.5 - Races of the Wild: Elf Universalist Wizard variant
  • 3.5 - Tome of Battle: Complete Eternal Blade PrC
  • 3.5 - Unearthed Arcana: Spontaneous Divine Casters (pg 64) and Item Familiar
  • Custom - Dragon Magazine: Sentinel Paladin class variant (DM 320)
  • Custom - Online Content: Summoner class from dandwiki.
  • FR - Campaign Setting: Arcane Devotee PrC, Strongheart Halfling
  • Eberron - Races of Eberron content (feats and shifter traits), Cabinet Trickster PrC
  • Eberron - Five nations: Bone Knight PrC
  • Kingdoms of Kalamar (third party campaign setting)
  • Animal growth adjustment.
  • Wolf Totem- Unearthed Arcana p48
  • Devils luck and Dashing Step -Dragon magazine vol 349
  • Shifter feats -Races of Eberron p113 (shifter savagery especially)
  • Streetfighter -Here.
  • Path of Faith
  • Sacred Fist

Ability to swap a domain for a feat (Complete Champion, p 53)
Item Familiar, Apprentice and Mentor (DMG p. 176) feats
Bloodlines (the standard ones from UA)
Unseelie Fey (template). Dragon Magazine 304
Arctic (template). Dragon Magazine 306
Wild Reaper (Druid Variant Class). Dragon Magazone 311 pg 55
Incarnate Construct (template). Savage Species
Ur-Priest update from Complete Divine
Dungeonscape class variants

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