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How to insert a table by Silveras
Originally Posted by Silveras View Post
When you choose to "Convert Text to Table", there are some options you can set before clicking "Ok" to confirm. Make sure the option for columns is set to "Tab".. if there are no tabs in your text, you will need to add them. Id you only have spaces, Word will assume that's what you want to use to make separate columns.

My steps:
  • Copy table from PDF to clipboard
  • Paste into Word
  • Select all text
  • Set the font type and size I want (to match what I use in RealmWorks anyway)
  • Where each column should be, I make sure there is a TAB; this will make the text look uneven in some cases until you convert, but then it lines up. Also, delete extra spaces.
  • Make sure any header has enough TABs to create columns to match the table body (even if some will later be merged)
  • select all of the text in the table again
  • Select Insert|Convert Text to Table
  • Make sure that Word has selected "TAB" as the delimiter for columns
  • Check that the number of columns is what I expected; look over the rows to see if I can find any errors. If I can't, proceed...
  • Click Ok
  • Check the result for mis-aligned text / columns; Use Ctrl-Z to Undo if necessary
  • Fix any errors I found and repeat selecting text and convert to table
  • Merge any Title row cells that need to be merged
  • Merge any other cells that I want for fancy formatting (like titles that extend across all columns in the middle of the table).
  • Copy and paste into RealmWorks

With a little practice, it becomes fairly quick.

Short tables may not be worth the effort, and may just be easier to enter directly in RealmWorks.

So, for your example.. .
  • Copy from PDF
  • Paste into word
  • Add a TAB between "Housing Poor" and 50
  • Add a TAB between "Housing Moderate" and 120
  • Select both lines
  • Select Insert|Convert Text to Table
  • Check that "TAB" is the selected delimiter
  • Click Ok

That should convert those 2 lines into a 2-row 2-column table with the numbers in the second column.

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