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Misc Questions:
Q1: How do I post a question or error so that I can easily get help from the community?
Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
Since we've had several issues this morning where people have asked for help, and we've gone back-and-forth through several posts in each case trying to figure out what they're accomplishing, I'd like to remind everyone that if you want help with a project, copying the text of that ability, instead of just paraphrasing it, will mean that the rest of us don't need to spend time asking you what exactly you're trying to do - we can just start helping you.

I'd much rather see copied text, rather than links, myself. I find that it's a hassle to switch back and forth between the linked text and the thread.

Also, don't just post the text, and think that's everything that's needed. You've probably been able to accomplish some of that, but you're having trouble with something specific - tell us what you've been able to accomplish, and where you're stuck.

If you've started with some examples, and are stuck on how to change the example into what you're doing, say that - I generally start answering help threads by pointing people at things that already exist in Hero Lab that they can copy from as a starting point for their own material, so if I know what you've already looked at, I won't have to point you towards something you already know about.

Q2: How do I post an error message from Hero Lab so others can see it?
A: By right mouse clicking on an error message you can select "Copy". Then you can easily post the message into your post. Doing this will 100% speed up the chance of getting an answer that will actually help you.

Q3: Who the heck is ShadowChemosh and why is he answering my post?
A: I am a friendly community member or user of the Hero Lab software just like you. I do NOT work for Lone Wolf. I have just been around for awhile is all and try and help out others. I also run the d20pfsrd Hero Lab Repository that has all the community created extras.

Q4: How do I post a .user file to the forums?
A: To find the location of your .user file from inside of HL go to "Tools->Explore Folders->Program Data Folder". That will open up the folder where the .user file is stored. Then when posting a new message scroll down past 'Submit Reply' and look for "Manage Attachments". That will let you attach a .user file.

Q5: How do I post a .por file to the forums?
A:When posting a new message scroll down past 'Submit Reply' and look for "Manage Attachments". That will let you attach a .por file.

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