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License Questions:
Q: How do I figure which Hero Lab license is on my computer?
A: Go to Help->About Hero Lab
or License->View License Info
or License->Send My Licenses to Me....

Q: How do I get my 2nd Hero Lab license?
A: Go to "License->Obtain Secondary License..." and you will be emailed a new unique license.

Q: My license does not WORK!!!
A: You can get license issues fixed/reassigned by sending an email to This can take up to 48 hrs but usually faster. There is *nothing* anyone on the forums can do to help you.

Q: When I have multiple licenses do I need to purchase packages for each license?
A: No. Your licenses share access to the same books. So you purchase once and it can be used up to 5 devices (license 3-5 cost $10 each). To make sure you have access to all the books make sure you have Reactivated your license on each device after purchasing a package.

Q: I am so confused or angry about the License issues and want to know when it will be fixed?
A: I, ShadowChemosh, would say that 99.99% of all license issues I have seen turns out to be a simple misunderstanding in the end-gamers use of the Hero Lab licenses. The golden rule of Hero Lab license is that EACH and EVERY computer must have its own unique license. You can NOT use the same license on more than one computer.

Most peoples issue is the above. They install Hero Lab on two computers which we will call Computer1 and Computer2. The license will actually initially work correctly. For Computer1 activates the license then when installed on Computer2 the license "Transfers" to this computer (which can be done every 120 days). But Computer1 does not "recheck" the license yet at this time so it continues to work. Then an update happens and Computer1 is upgraded first and the upgrade goes to check the license and BOOM finds that the license had been reassigned to Computer2.

To solve this issue when installing onto the 2nd computer make sure you go to "License->Obtain Secondary License..." and use the new License code on the 2nd computer. If you do this you will NOT have any license issues.

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