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Character Questions:

Q1: I just purchased a the Hero Lab License for book XXXX. But when I got to add a new spell, feat, magic item, or archetype to my Pathfinder character it does not display?
A: Each character saves which books are active/not active inside itself. So open your character (ie .por file) and press "CTRL-K" and make sure book XXXX is checked marked.

Q2: When I open up a portfolio (ie character) HL keeps telling me that I am missing a "Source". Everything works but I keep getting this message. How do I make it stop?
A: Most likely this file was made on different computer than yours (ie by your DM or by a Player). To get the message to stop from inside of HL go to "Portfolio->Strip Missing Sources".

Q3: Is there a way to add custom ammunition counts? Ex. I want to add 20 +1 arrows. Right now it seems that I can only add arrows in lots of 50. I was wondering if there was something similar to how you can have wands with custom number of charges for ammunition.
A: Click on the X button to the right of the Ammo (Arrows, Bolts, Shurkins) on the Weapons tab and choose to delete the number you want to remove. Make sure you don't set a price though, so you don't accidentally throw off your money.

Q4: I want to add the wording of (Plus Grab) or +1d6 Fire to my weapon how do I do this?
A: There is a community add-on Pack that does exactly this plus additional utilities. See the Pathfinder Basic Pack post for full info.

Q5: My character's skill totals are all lower than they are suppose to be?
A: If these skills are physical skills like Acrobatics, Climb, etc.. you wish to see if your character is over weight. When your character is over weight you gain the equivalent of wearing Medium or Heavy armor and get a Armor Check Penalty. See Table: Encumbrance Effects from the CORE rules.

Work Arounds - There are several ways around this rule. In the "Configure Your Hero" under the "Optional Rules" you can check "No Encumbrance". You can on the "Gear" tab and move your equipment to the "Dropped to Ground" bag which removes the weight from your character. Often time the issue is the money/gold weight which you can set the "Optional Rule" of "No Coin Weight" on if you wish.

Q6: The monster/race does not have the weapons/armor that is listed in the bestiary?
A: From inside of HL go to "Portfolio->Import Stock Hero" and import the monster. Then it will have the gear and everything else exactly like the stat block. You can't include the weapon on the "Race" unless you want to make it permanent. So any equipment is made part of the .por (character) file and included in the Stock characters.

Q7: I am gaining an extra feat; too many feats; more feats then I should?
A: Do you have the "Advanced Player's Guide Hero Points" rules turned on? If so, did you check "Don't Use Hero Points" below your starting cash? If you did both of these it disables "Hero Points" and gives you a bonus feat as per the APG anti-hero rules.

Q8: I have just purchased the bestiary pack, thinking that I would be able to create custom Vampires, Zombies, and Were-creatures. I cannot see those included in the races after updating to the bestiary pack?
A: These are templates, and can be accessed from the same selection screen as classes, just scroll down past the normal classes.

Q9: I am creating a Witch and for the familiar I chose a Donkey Rat. It is a level 1 character so the BAB should be 0 for the Donkey Rat, but the program is giving it a +1. What can I do to fix this?
A: Nothing the program is correct. What you are looking at is the "Attack Modifier" not the BAB. Sense the familiar is size small it gets a +1 to hit. So +0 BAB +1 Size gives a +1 Attack Modifier.

Q10: I'm using a Race normally not allowed for Pathfinder Society using a special chronicle I received. Is there a way to tell HL to ignore the PFS race restriction validation?
A: See THIS thread for full details.
Update 2/14/2014: You can now solve this by using ShadowChemosh's Adjustment Addon. Then putting the adjustment "PFS, Race Valid" on your character. It will cause your race to no longer display the error.
LW Stance: You are doing something that is not allowed by the rules. You have specific GM permission (on that chronicle sheet) to do so. Anyone who looks at your character sheet should see that you're doing something out of the ordinary. The solution is to ignore the error message and proceed with character creation.

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