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Allot of people have asked for Gestalt rules from the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana for Pathfinder. For a long time the only way was to make a new archetype that combined your two classes together. This was time consuming and difficult to do. I have a new addon that is designed to make things allot easier.

If you have the community servers setup already then simply go to Updates in Hero Lab and download "Pathfinder Gestalt (v1.0)". If you don't have the community servers setup then go to THIS post and follow the one time setup instruction.

To use the Gestalt Addon properly requires some special rules to follow in Hero Lab.
  • Each time you level, you must add 1 level of Gestalt before adding your desired classes.
  • After adding 1 level of Gestalt, 1 level of class A, and 1 level of class B, immediately switch to the Gestalt tab and select your two classes in the picker. This will calculate BAB, Saves, HP, Feats, and Skill Points based upon your selections.
  • Once you select a class on either the left or right side, you must always select that class on the same side. So if at level 1 you chose Fighter/Rogue then at level 2 chosen Wizard/Rogue, you must choose Rogue on the same side at level 1 and level 2 otherwise it won't calculate correctly.
Bug Reporting & Support
NOTE: Valdacil is now maintaining this addon.

Feel free to post to this thread with questions, comments, or bug reports.

Hero Lab Resources:
Pathfinder - d20pfsrd and Pathfinder Pack Setup
3.5 D&D (d20) - Community Server Setup
5E D&D - Community Server Setup
Hero Lab Help - Hero Lab FAQ, Editor Tutorials and Videos, Editor & Scripting Resources.
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