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Dealing With Hero Lab Errors:
Q1: I have lost access to all my addon/user packages? Or you open a .por/character file and are getting a list of errors that says "Critical information not found in data files: Source"?
A: Their is two different possibilities:
1) Hero Lab has encountered an initial error, which was displayed in a blue window, on load and has gone into safe mode. Safe mode prevents loading of any .user files (ie addons). Restart HL and when you see the error window in blue RIGHT click and Select Copy and paste your error into a new post on this forum.

2) You tried to open a .por/character file on a different computer than where it was created (or iPad) and you didn't load the additional addon packages to that computer/iPad. You will need to download and install the same addon packages to your 2nd computer/device to get your character to open without errors.

Q3: I did an official update and I got an error message window. I clicked OK and HL loaded. But now the message happens every time I restart?
A: You have an issue in one of your .user files or addon packages. Hero Lab has gone into safe mode and will NOT load any of your addon packages until its fixed. If this is not from one of your own custom .user files then you right click on the error message and past it to THIS thread so you can get help.

Q4: How do I provide all error messages HL is showing me?
A: If you are getting a error window you can always RIGHT mouse click and select COPY to copy all the errors. Then you can past them into an post to help others diagnose what is wrong.

Q5: I did a uninstall of Hero Lab and Re-install and it didn't fix anything?
A: Hero Lab has two sides the Software (HL) and the Game System (Pathfinder) and uninstalling the software (HL) has no effect on the game system. Just don't do it. If you lost all access to your addon then it means the initial error message you see has caused HL to go into safe mode. Restart HL and when you see the error window in blue RIGHT click and Select Copy and paste your error into a new post on this forum.
Note: I recommend NOT doing this uninstall/re-install thing with HL as it never fixes any issues.

Q6: I don't get notified about Community Packages updates anymore?
A: I assume at some point you uninstalled Hero Lab and reinstalled it. This means you have to re-setup the community servers URL. See THIS post for details.

Q7: How do I remove a addon package?
A: In windows/mac go to "Tools->Manage Third Party Updates" and select the package to remove and select DELETE. To delete a package on the iPad go to "View Updates" and then under "Installed Updates" simply Left Swipe!

Q8: I removed a community/3PP package but every time I open my character I get a message still in regards to it. How do I full remove a addon package?
A: After removing a addon package you may still get a message when you open your character file about a missing "Source". If such a message appears go to "Portfolio->Strip Missing Sources" from Windows/Mac and remove the reference to the now removed sources.

Q9: While trying to install the PDF Converter it says something is using the software and won't continue?
A: The application using the PDF Converter software is Hero Lab itself. Simply click behind the install window and close down Hero Lab. Then click the Retry/Continue button to finish the install.

Hero Lab Resources:
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