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Community or 3PP Package/Addons:
Q#1: How do I remove a Community or 3PP Package/addon?
A: Tools->Manage Third Party Updates will allow you to remove a package or see what files where installed with the package.

Q#2: Where do I find the stock files for the "Community Bestiary"?
A: You find the encounter portfolios on the d20pfsrd/extras/community-creations/hero-lab website. Look for the folder called "Community Bestiary NPCs" and inside you will find all the .zip files for the Adventure Paths and Modules. Once downloaded and unzipped you can import a portfolio by going to "Portfolios->Import Portfolio" from inside of HL.

Hero Lab Resources:
Pathfinder - d20pfsrd and Pathfinder Pack Setup
3.5 D&D (d20) - Community Server Setup
5E D&D - Community Server Setup
Hero Lab Help - Hero Lab FAQ, Editor Tutorials and Videos, Editor & Scripting Resources.
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