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Old August 1st, 2021, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by adrianftepes7 View Post
F. Wesley Schneider was the author, and the PDF came out Nov 24 2016. Part of the issue is that it was released to the Kickstarter, and has not yet been mass produced for commercial purchase.

So it does exist, just not available to everyone. I'm wondering if that is why they haven't done it yet.
My guess is because PF 2nd edition came along and they decided not to publish a new 1e book after the Kickstarter. Sad.

- Andrew <:-(}
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Daniel V
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Old August 5th, 2021, 02:17 AM
Okay, grain of salt here as I'm trying to remember some details from a Gencon a couple years ago. To my recollection there's some licensing restrictions with regards to the Vampire Hunter D kickstarter materials that prevents them from being sold outside of that. To the tune of they were prizes at Gencon '17 for PFS die rolls because they can't actually sell the books. Personally I would love to have official support for them, but due to the nature of it I don't think it's within anyone's control.
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Old August 13th, 2021, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by mao x yang View Post
are there any plan,s to add in the content form Vampire Hunter D Pathfinder RPG Supplement allso any word on adding the content form the Worldscape comics to hero lab?
Since the book was never put into general release, it's probably not going to happen.
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