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Old October 24th, 2017, 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by CapedCrusader View Post
OK, which update are we talking about? The last Savage Worlds update, or the update to Hero Lab itself?

And - What Happens. as exactly as you can describe it?
It happened when I did the last main update for the Savage Worlds system.
Further updates for Hero Lab have not fixed it, but those are also now up to date.
I've tried redoing the setting files and it tells me its done them fine but they just don't show up.
It opens Savage Worlds, but I get this on startup:

The data files could not be uploaded due to errors. Hero Lab will now attempt to load them in recovery mode. once loaded, you can access the editor as normal to correct and errors.

The Following errors occurred:

Thing 'eq50Grappll' - Condition test must occur prior to all rules and eval scripts, including on components (Initialise, 2100)
Thing 'eq50Quiver' - Condition test must occur prior to all rules and eval scripts, including on components (Initialise, 2100)

I 'ok' this and it loads up, with a box for release notes for Savage worlds

But, once loaded, I no longer have the check boxes for any of the new settings (Deadlands, ETU, Rippers etc)

When I load my Deadlands character it opens, but refuses to understand the Deadlands parts.
A box comes up saying "Critical information not found in data files: source 'Deadlands Reloaded"

The character mostly loads ok at that point, but skills like 'Guts' are listed but in red as errors.

Hope that helps make sense of it all!
Luckily I didn't update one of the work computers I have another licence on and that one works fine.

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