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Old November 4th, 2020, 07:40 AM
So it is possible that I make a much more detailed background for my characters than most, but I find that when I print my character sheet, the Background page with all my back story gets cut off at the bottom, and doesn't carry on to another page. Is there a better print template or print option to allow my full background story to be printed?
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Old November 5th, 2020, 06:30 AM
Have you tried opening an official Lone Wolf support ticket on it? Ask if you can get a character limit increase on the printout of those fields.

Some people in the community have experimented with varying degrees of success on making custom character sheets as workarounds, this discussion has some inputs from people on how to start it if you felt like tackling it yourself. XSLT and making a new sheet isn't the easiest task at all.

At my table, when we *might* see a printout, the people who like to write long backstories tend to keep a separate Word or PDF file for things like that. At some point they build a castle or lair and have room descriptions, traps and treasure lists - which Hero Lab cannot support all of but Realm Works was supposed to be able to (sad face for an orphaned genius product).

Last caveat though: as we've moved to a VTT experience we have not printed a lot of stuff.
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