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The sNameMod is very helpful when bootstrapping a spell with a special note. As an example, Yuan-Ti can use speak with animals at will, but only on snakes. So when you bootstrap the Speak with Animals spell to them, you add the sNameMod field to that bootstrap and put "Snakes only". This causes the spell to show up on the portfolio as "Speak with Animals (Snakes only)".

What I'm wondering is if there are similar fields for things other than spells. Specifically I'm looking for something for tools, but the same thing for items, weapons, abilities, etc. would be great.

We can do much the same thing with scripting:
hero.childfound[TheThing'sID].field[livename].text = hero.childfound[TheThing'sID].field[thingname].text & " (the extra text)"

But it gets more complicated if we're adding a second version of a thing already present. Like if we're bootstrapping a second set of theives' tools that we want to add a note to indicate its source or something. We cant just add a field to the bootstrap, we have to code to identify that instance of the tool as being bootstrapped by our parent thing, then add the code. So if something like this exists for things other than spells, it would really help.

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