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Daniel V
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Old December 1st, 2021, 05:20 PM
Hey all, I'm here to drop the release notes for today's update. We've been hard at work doing a ton of interface upgrades for your holiday gaming, such as making various tables more intuitive in their locations and improving the flow of character creation, just to name a few.

Key Changes of Note
  • The Validation Report window will now report if there are any validations on that character's minions.
  • Further improved the experience of adding items to tables
  • PF2 - Applied the Pathfinder Society access, restricted and limited option settings for Guns & Gears and Lost Omens Grand Bazaar
  • PF2 - More abilities and feats will now display the customization button within their tables.
  • PF2 - The "Rest & Prepare" button in the Play tab has been moved to the "Key Actions" section.

Nitty Gritty Details
Informational / Organizational Updates
  • Fixed some tables, notably wizard spellcasting, giving conflicting information about whether they were optional or not
  • Improved login flow for new users or new devices
  • PF2 - Runes have been split into individual tables based on rune type so they more clearly communicate how many of their particular type can be added to an item

Cosmetic Updates
  • Improved overall contrast and readability on the Fantasy: Antiquity skin/theme (PF2 default)
  • Added an outline around the add button for a table that it is recommended to add items to, but which has no items.
  • Misc minor cosmetic fixes.
  • PF2: Fixed an issue causing validation messages in some tables to not take up as much horizontal space as they should.

Game Mechanics
  • PF2 - Shields were showing an error message that the character was not trained in them.
  • PF2 - The versatile weapon trait now includes both the weapon's original damage type and what the damage type is changed to.
  • PF2 - The inventor's Explode ability was scaling every other level after 3rd, instead of every level.
  • PF2 - The Night's Rest button now resets the stack size of any temporary items (like an alchemist's infused alchemical items) that have been used up.
  • PF2 - Spellcasting added to a character from the Added Abilities table was not allowing the selection of a tradition.
  • PF2 - Talismans/spellhearts, such as the Grim Sandglass, were giving text parsing errors when attached to another item.
  • PF2 - The rending snare's item level was incorrect.
  • PF2 - The Satchel was not setting its bulk to L while worn.
  • PF2 - The Harbor Guard Moonlighter background was requiring both Hunting Lore and Sailing Lore to be trained.
  • SF - In the character settings, the HP visibility option for displaying 2 bands incorrectly listed that it would show 4 bands in the description.
  • SF - The Lashunta subtype for NPCs was not adding detect thoughts 1/day.
  • PF1 - Expanded Element (Wood) was not marked as available from Ultimate Wilderness.

Upcoming Release Dates for Major Books
  • PF2: Lost Omens Monster of Myth and Absalom, City of Lost Omens - Current release date from Paizo is December 22nd, just in time for the holidays
  • SF: Galactic Magic - Current release date from Paizo is January 26th

As always, thanks to all of you for gaming with us!
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Old December 1st, 2021, 11:51 PM
Nice to get notice of upcoming dates. I’m still hoping for GMs content for adventure paths but I realise these have fewer buyers than major books.

🎲 Pathfinder 2e GM @GolarionToday
Need spawns invention, but imagination gives rise to need. Logic of Design
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Old December 2nd, 2021, 05:05 AM
Thank you for the update
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Old December 2nd, 2021, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Shadowfoot View Post
Nice to get notice of upcoming dates. Im still hoping for GMs content for adventure paths but I realise these have fewer buyers than major books.
I think Lone Wolf overlooks the intangible value of those kinds of things. In my game, my enthusiasm for Hero Lab drove all my players to invest a lot into HLC.

What the GM uses is often what the new players pick up. This could be leveraged far more in HLO if Lone Wolf would get the collaborative features done. I'd probably force my players to use HLO if we could auto-apply (and end) conditions and have party loot and loot transfers. As it is, I barely use it at all as a GM now, and so my players never see it and are never exposed to it.
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Old December 2nd, 2021, 01:41 PM
Starships for Starfinder?
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Old December 3rd, 2021, 09:05 AM
The "journal" where i declared the XP for my PFS2 scenarios has disappeared ?
-> Found it in "Classes - Wealth & Experience"
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Old December 3rd, 2021, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by armenfrast View Post
The "journal" where i declared the XP for my PFS2 scenarios has disappeared ?

It was renamed "Wealth & Experience" and moved into the Classes group.
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