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Old January 8th, 2014, 07:16 PM
Any way around it ?

Wold deleting data on one of the PC let me re sync ?
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Old January 9th, 2014, 07:02 AM
I've been having the same problem. I've been using three computers for realm works, so I've been using the backup feature and restoring the realm on other computers as I make updates and changes to my realm. Every once in awhile something goes right and I'm able to sync my realm with the cloud, but usually I will get the Error 301.

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Old January 9th, 2014, 10:07 AM
The 301 error is indicating that there are changes on the cloud server and at the same time you have made changes to the local client realm. We are working on the ability to choose for a realm as a whole to take what is on the client or what is on the server. In the meantime, be absolutely sure you make changes locally on one machine at a time. Once you are done with changes locally, sync them to the server. Before starting to make changes on another machine make sure you sync from the previous machine you were working on and then sync on the new machine you wish to work on.

Let's give an example of how you can run into the 301 error:
1) Make changes on my desktop to Realm 1
2) Make other changes on my laptop to Realm 1
3) Sync my desktop to the server
4) Try to sync my laptop to the server and get the 301 error there because the server has changes and my laptop has changes.

Way to avoid the 301:
a) Make changes to my desktop to Realm 1
b) Sync changes to server from my desktop
c) Sync changes from server to my laptop
d) Make changes to my laptop to Realm 1
e) Sync changes to server from my laptop
f) Sync changes from server to my desktop
g) Now able to make changes on either laptop or desktop but only one

These are all on a PER REALM basis. So you could make changes in Realm 1 on the desktop and Realm 2 on the laptop.

Once you are in this situation with a computer, one option you can take is to delete the local database and grab again everything from the server. Or you can take a backup from the machine that has successfully synced to the server and then restore it on the machine that is having the 301 error.

When doing backup and restore, keep in mind that the backup/restore is for ALL realms. We do not have the ability to do a backup of only a single realm and then restore that single realm on another machine.

Also, we are working on addressing these limitations. The first that will be available is when a 301 condition occurs, you will be given the option to take either the server data for the realm or take the client data for the realm. Later, we will work on allowing merging of the data and eventually even being able to see conflicts and manually select which change to accept. Merging of data is a very complex task and also can make for a tricky user interface to make sure it is done correctly and clearly.

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Old January 9th, 2014, 01:28 PM
Yes, if you delete your local data and take what is on the server, then you will no longer encounter the 301 error on that machine, unless and until you do something which will trigger the 301 effect again.

The 301 effect happens because we do not support merging. If you have changes on a machine which have not been synced to the server, and you sync changes to the server from a different machine, then you are now in a 301 state. The best way to avoid it is to always perform a sync before you move to a different machine. This can also happen if you backup a database with changes on it, so the same holds true with backups -- the best way to avoid a 301 is to sync before you perform a backup. While the ability to clobber the server or client state for a realm will give you a way to get out of this situation, it still won't be ideal, as you have to pick one and lose the other.
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Old January 9th, 2014, 02:48 PM
I'm getting a 301 error too, as of the newest build. I don't know if my situation should be expected to trigger it, but I wouldn't have thought so; what I did was work on the realm on my desktop, sync it to the cloud, then sync my notebook with the cloud before going out to run the session. Everything seemed to work fine.

Session was at the uni, where I can't get RW online - I'm guessing it doesn't cooperate with proxies at this stage? - so I just ran offline for the duration of the session, as normal. However, once I got home again and tried to sync the changes made during the session, I started getting 301 errors.

There's no reason that should cause the server to think my local copy needs updating, right? Maybe one of my sync attempts failed and I failed to notice?

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