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Old June 9th, 2021, 02:06 PM
Hi all,

New here and due to planning on play some big games of Fantasy once the covid pandemic is over in celebration of actually being able to see my gaming mates.

I realised that a tool like army builder was the best way to write some pretty large lists for my up coming games and credit to the team for what they have done it's a proper amazing job! 99.9% AWESOME!

I was however wondering if there is any possible chance of a future update to add some missing things/ bug fixes that i've noticed. Though i suspect not as even though this forum is still getting views, the amount of fresh posts make them look pretty dead

Even though we are still probably at least a year away (now in 2021) from GW's own new version of Fantasy, no one wants to play age of Sh*tmar in the meantime!

Been mucking around and noticed a couple of things that don't appear to work, firstly end times:

Can't seem to remove the roster options of having to abide by points limits for army selection choices even with a normal (end times) games selcted, still gives me warning's etc if i put too much in say special and not enough in core.

This got changed in the Archaon book to no longer matter. Likewise another change in the Archaon book was the use of multiple BSB's being able to be taken and one becoming an Army standard bearer (ASB!) and i can't see that here either. Even thought the files have the Grand Legion of the Everchosen as a possible army suggesting the army builder files have been updated for the Archaon book

Secondly Storm of Magic / Monsterous Arcanium

I can't seem to find the normal Magic Weapons/Talismans etc options that can be used in any Storm of Magic game from Monsterous Arcanium, even with SoM and Warhammer Forge allowed boxed ticked when roster building. All of the mythic artifacts themselves from MA also seem to be missing too.

Indeed there appears to be a number of monsters from MA missing from the roster, i.e Incarnate Element of Death, Warpfire Dragons, Shard Dragon, K'daai, etc, but then other monsters are included IE of Fire, Skin Wolves....... so is very strange indeed!

Otherwise i've also encountered some really strange bug (that's hard to duplicate) in a big skaven roster if you increase the number of packmasters to 4 and save it, then reload later, it automatically reduces them to 1. Doesn't show if you just have rat ogres only in a small (dummy) roster tho. So no real idea what's triggering that.

Apologies if i did get any of the above wrong with my newness, but a 2.96 release would be amazing.......

If anyone out there is listening?
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