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Old August 3rd, 2010, 05:54 AM
According to the DC adventures PDf, multiple Vehicles and HQ's are built as arrays where the most expensive one costs the full equipment point cost and all others cost one equipment point.

From page 151 of DC Adventures:
Just like Alternate Equipment, characters may have multiple
vehicles. These are generally Alternate Equipment
by definition, since itís difficult to drive or pilot more than
one vehicle at a time! So the character pays the full cost for
the most expensive vehicle, and then 1 equipment point
for each additional vehicle with the same or lesser cost.
The classic DC Adventures example is Batman: he pays full
equipment point cost for the Batplane (the most expensive
of his vehicles) and just 1 equipment point for the
Batmobile and Batboat. Batmanís player can even spend
a hero point to pull out the bat-sub, bat-copter, bat-auto-
gyro, or whatever other vehicle might be suitable for the
current situation."

And pages 161 and 162:
In the event that a character has more than one headquarters,
such as hidden bases scattered around the world, the
others are treated as Alternate Equipment: the character
pays the points for the most expensive HQ, then 1 equipment
point for each additional HQ of the same or lesser
cost. The extra headquarters are largely a convenience (for heroes visiting other areas) and insurance against the loss
of any one HQ.
The only exception to the Alternate Headquarters guideline
is a shared headquarters (previously), the characters sharing
the HQ all contribute to its cost and pay for any personal
headquarters separately. So Batman pays full equipment
points for both the Batcave and his contribution to the Justice
League Watchtower, and Superman does the same for
the Watchtower and the Fortress of Solitude."

Other than that it looks great.
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