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Old April 14th, 2022, 08:39 PM
Why is Shield support so garbage for Pathfinder 2E HLO?

Knowing your shield's hardness and HP and tracking it's HP is really important for shield characters in 2E and there's almost no support for it in HLO. It should just be there under your HP or something, I shouldn't have to scroll down and click on the shield's stats, which aren't adjusted for things like Shield Ally.

And you can't even buy shields beyond the basic ones, none of the named shields even exist, for example the Sturdy Shield (Lesser). I have to custom make each special shield, it's crazy and obnoxious. Also there isn't a way to track shield HP in HLO. If you have a shield equipped there should be a shield HP bar added or something.

And what really bothers me is Pathbuilder 2E has all this, you know the free (or one time $5) android app (now has a web app) that a single guy works on. Right under a character's HP is their shield's HP and under that is the Hardness and Broken threshold. And when they are a Champion with Shield ally it shows the adjusted HP and Hardness. And if you don't have a shield, there's nothing there.
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