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Old July 26th, 2023, 02:54 PM
Hello all,
I've been a customer for over a decade - used HLC back in the day and loved it. I also used Army Builder for a while despite having access to Battlescribe, and I kickstarted Realm Works. When HLO came out I wasn't ready to switch to that model for all the same reasons we've heard, but I recently started playing PF2E heavily so I naturally spent a chunk of coin and grabbed a stack of content for HLO.

Recently I was persuaded to start playing Starfinder, and since my experience with PF2E on Hero Lab has been impeccable, I naturally dropped the money on all the necessary player packages for that system.

Unfortunately, I was not apprised of the situation regarding SF and Hero Lab, and while I admit this was my fault for not being educated about the content that was released and ubiquitous online while researching my options, I did not realize just how vast the gap was between released content that I was expected to have access to and what was available for me to purchase through Hero Lab!

I mistakenly figured it was just locked behind the remaining content I didn't purchase, so I hastily dropped another $60+ dollars on the missing packages, but of course this didn't remedy my lack of content.

I then sent an email off to customer support inquiring about this situation, and was promptly responded to by Ryan F, who sent me this email:


I'm afraid I'm not sure what books or content you're talking about other than perhaps some things that are part of the various Adventure Paths that we, sadly, hadn't had the time to support during the release window of those specific APs and Modules.

What content in particular are you finding is tricky to locate?
I replied with my sentiment that I had a few items from an AP and a couple of main mechanics like the Mech content that I couldn't use, despite that being a core feature of the Tech Revolution book which I had bought, but I haven't gotten a response back from him yet. I had also inquired, not that I plan to exercise this option, as to what the Refund policy was for packages, and am still waiting a response.

So I figured I would ask my questions here in a slightly more open forum; perhaps someone who isn't too busy can see this and get back to me:

Is Starfinder actively being supported? Currently missing content includes: Starship Operators Manual, Ports of Call, Dawn of Flame AP, Attack of the Swarm AP, Threefold Conspiracy AP, Devestation Ark AP, Fly Free or Die AP, Horizons of the Vast AP, Drift Crashers AP, Drif Hackers AP, Junkers Delight, Liberation of Locus, Redshift Rally, Defy the Dragon, and Drift Crisis Case Files. In addition, I can't find anything on Starships or Mechs which are parts of content already purchased. Are there plans to add this in the future? Ryan's comment to me seems to imply there was a missed window that is now gone.

And assuming there isn't active plans to add this content, how difficult would it be to get my $200+ dollars back? I would absolutely prefer to use Hero Lab Online over the free options available, but if it's missing this much content, I can't justify spending that much and still having to reference other tools. I literally just purchased this over the weekend.

I'd like to make sure to add that I intend to remain a loyal customer as long as PF2E remains actively supported. I truly do love Hero Lab and I'm looking forward to the Remastered content when it drops. I had just assumed that Starfinder was as actively developed as Pathfinder was, and that's on me for misunderstanding.

Thanks for everyone at Wolf Lair's hard work to make a good product; I'm looking forward to hearing back from ya'll.
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Old August 4th, 2023, 10:27 PM
I have not been someone not too busy the past few weeks, so sorry for the delay (and apparently whatever happened with it not approving your post when I thought I did so).

Starships and mechs are missing, yeah. Unfortunately it wound up being a case of pretty staggering infrastructure changes to support as I recall (SF launch was before my time). APs have lagged, a case of resources and being able to get them in at the time and trade offs with other more major books. We are absolutely still supporting SF, and all the main books there though at least (Enhanced is releasing in October, assuming it doesn't get delayed on Paizo's end). I would love to get caught up on APs, I just have to be able to allocate time from the data file team for them, and that's proven to be pretty difficult thus far. Definitely trying to give you all a solid product with a lot of different system support though.
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