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Old August 6th, 2013, 06:41 AM
I currently am building a Scarred Witch Doctor in Hero Lab, but I am having two issues with the Prehensile Hair Hex.

1) When it comes to taking feats like Weapon Focus or Feral Combat Training the character's Prehensile Hair does not show up in the list of available natural attacks, but it does show up in the list for feats like Improved Natural Attack. There is an "Other melee natural attack" option on the list for these other feats, but that of course doesn't add its modifiers to the Prehensile Hair's calculations.

2) I don't think the "Constitution replaces Intelligence" logic is working correctly. For instance, a witch can have the Prehensile Hair hex which allows them to attack with their hair with a strength score equal to their Intelligence. The Constitution Dependent quality of the Scarred Witch Doctor replaces all instances of Intelligence with Constitution when it comes to things like spells, hexes and what not, but the +To Hit for the Prehensile Hair on the Weapons tab does not reflect the Constituion scores modifier. (See relevant descriptions below)

Originally Posted by Ultimate Magic
Hex: Prehensile Hair (Su): The witch can instantly cause her hair (or even her eyebrows) to grow up to 10 feet long or to shrink to its normal length, and can manipulate her hair as if it were a limb with a Strength score equal to her Intelligence score. Her hair has reach 10 feet, and she can use it as a secondary natural attack that deals 1d3 points of damage (1d2 for a Small witch). Her hair can manipulate objects (but not weapons) as dexterously as a human hand. The hair cannot be sundered or attacked as a separate creature. Pieces cut from the witch’s elongated hair shrink away to nothing. Using her hair does not harm the witch’s head or neck, even if she lifts something heavy with it. The witch can manipulate her hair a number of minutes each day equal to her level; these minutes do not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. A typical male witch with this hex can also manipulate his beard, moustache, or eyebrows.
Originally Posted by Advanced Race Guide - Scarred Witch Doctor
Constitution Dependent

A scarred witch doctor uses Constitution instead of Intelligence when determining the highest level of spells she can cast, her spell save DCs, number of spells known at 1st level, and any effects of her hexes normally determined by her Intelligence.

I searched the forums for this first, but didn't find any resolution to it. I did find the passage below in the Data File Authoring section of the 7.19 announcement but I wasn't really clear on what it was saying:

Data File Authoring
Added several tag groups to automatically calculate the charges of a special. The ChargeCalc tag group is used to... Calculate the base charges. For example, ChargeCalc.LevelFull sets the base charges to the level of the class this special is associated with. ChargeCalc.AttrUses3 gives a base of 3 charges, and must be combined with a ChargeAttr tag to specify which attribute adds it's modifier. For example, an ability that is usable 3+Int modifier times will have both "ChargeCalc.AttrUses3" and "ChargeAttr.aINT", if something were to change it to use Con for generating the charges, it could do a tagreplace the "ChargeAttr.aINT" with the "ChargeAttr.aCON". Currently this system is only used for a few Witch Hexes (Waxen Image, Speak in Dreams, etc) that are modified by the Scarred Witch archetype, but we plan to go back and expand its use to previous abilities.
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Old August 6th, 2013, 07:02 AM
Please report bugs using the link in this thread: http://forums.wolflair.com/showthread.php?t=24976
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I submitted it. Sorry bout that.
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