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Old March 14th, 2017, 12:07 PM
I've been working on creating the fixed drake companion for use with my Drakerider Cavalier in HeroLab, and I've got most of it working except for a few issues that I can't seem to resolve.

1. I cannot apply a subtype, it says there's "Nothing to choose from!" even though near as I can tell it should be pointing to the same Subtypes available to the original drake.

2. The drake is not leveling/gaining HD with the Cavalier.

3. I cannot for the life of me find what category the Drake Powers are under so I can modify and/or add new ones to them.
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Old October 15th, 2022, 05:00 PM
Have you by any chance gotten the file figured out, and if you have, would you be willing to share your accomplishment? I'm looking at throwing some Qadiran Drakeriders along with some enslaved air elementals to guard the skies between Qadira and Taldor since my players have a leng ruby-powered flying ship, and I'd love to throw something with actual teeth at them!
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