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Old May 5th, 2022, 04:24 AM
Looking to import Tomb of Annihilation if anyone has this completed.

I am not sure if this post is against any rules, but according to

This article, it looks like "sharing" is ok, so... My request.


If anyone has this in RW already, and is willing to share it, I'd love to get the file.

My game system is 5e.

I do own the book, I just want it in RW so I can run it.


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Old May 5th, 2022, 09:30 AM
Sharing of published material is not allowed.

I think your linked article is talking about two different things:

1) copyrighted material which is sold by LWD as available for importing into your own copy of realm works.

2) other RW users creating an export of their own designed content, not copyrighted material.


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Old May 6th, 2022, 03:41 AM
There is no way for them to do anything about user entered material being shared. Hell they probably don't even remember we exist.

However as a person who detests stealing, if I was this position to share an adventure or rule book I entered, I would request in an email an attestation that the person does legitimately own the material (PDF or book).

For myself that would be enough. I have no idea on the legalities of such matters and it probably various by country a great deal. However I hate draconian laws as much as I hate thieves, one usually follows due actions of the other. Most people are honest, and most who love a hobby want to support it, and buying the materials is the one true way to do so. So if they say they own, unless I have reason to believe otherwise, I would share the material.

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Old May 7th, 2022, 04:41 PM
Farling and Exmortis,

I completely understand your comments.
Here is a pic of me holding the book, I do own it.


I do not mean to offend anyone, and I completely misunderstood the article I posted.

Apologies if I offended.
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