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Old May 30th, 2006, 05:12 AM
Since there are apparently folks watching this forum, I'll give you a fast update on how playtesting went this weekend on the MI part of it.

The MI side is currently producing usable lists, so we were able to go into some pretty serious playtesting over the weekend. I didn't manage to get it as polished as I wanted to, but the long weekend gave a testing chance I couldn't miss.

The bad news is that lack of polish really showed. Mostly, its typos, but there are a fair amount of points calculations (which could also be typos) and just flat out problems. The kind of things:

A TAC fighter is free in some cases.
Weird display on Arachnid talents selection.
Pakc instead of pack in a couple of descriptions...

Oh, of course I'm still working on anything we find in the Arachnid section of it too.

About 4 pages of such things.

The good news is that is all really easy stuff to fix, its just going to take a bit of time. However, we found enough problems after I fix that it most certainly needs more in house playtesting before I put an out of house playtest version up on Yahoo. Time scheduled to work on it this week, with playtesting scheduled a couple of times this week, so onwards....
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