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Fox Lee
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Old October 31st, 2018, 04:00 PM
So I know this is a really minor thing and there are more pressing concerns, but I should at least ask...

So, I was really happy when we were allowed to set default sizes/styles for text in RW. Since my laptop (which I use during game nights) is now one of those super high-res transformer tablets, being able to increase font size has suddenly become very valuable to me.

I'd like to go through all of my content and reset it to these defaults. I've been working with it since the pre-KS beta, so I have a proper mishmash of text copied from PDFs, websites, you name it. I would so love for it to look nice and uniform throughout.

However, when I use quick edit to strip formatting, RW doesn't revert to text to my selected defaults, but to what I think is the original built-in default (9pt Tahoma). It seems to me that when you remove formatting, you should get your default style settings. That's certainly standard text handling in my experience, and would be a lot more useful when trying to reset styling across a realm.

Any chance this could go on the list for fixing?

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Old November 1st, 2018, 07:01 AM
I think your request makes sense so +1.

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Old November 2nd, 2018, 12:39 AM
Makes sense, so:


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Old November 2nd, 2018, 07:25 AM
I would agree since I have the same issues at times for the same reasons. +1
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Old November 2nd, 2018, 07:30 AM
+1 here too
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Old November 2nd, 2018, 12:07 PM
Yeah this is one of those obvious ones. +1

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Old November 4th, 2018, 08:38 AM
not "mission critical" but definitely a +1
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Grey Mage
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Old November 4th, 2018, 08:50 AM
Have to agree: +1
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Lone Wolf Staff
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Old November 5th, 2018, 10:48 PM
Duly noted and logged as a bug.
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