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Old January 23rd, 2018, 10:51 PM
We just added a rigger to our group and going through the PDF for Rigger 5.0 we notice that Hero Labs matches up with these values just fine... but then one of us bought the actual book.

Stats for all the drones originally in the Core rules have all changed... for example the Fly-Spy in Core has a speed of 3, but in the new stats has a speed of 1.

Any idea if and when this will be addressed?

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Old January 27th, 2018, 11:00 AM
Ok, this falls under the Never mind category...

Basically what they did the Rigger 5 book was they put the adjusted stats for the drones having to do with hit modifiers... on Page 181 they give a to hit modifier of -1 for small drones, they translated that to the 1R for the Fly-Spy but for movement you then multiply that 1R times the Rotor adjustment of x3 to give you the 3... not sure why they applied the to hit modifier to the movement but that's what it is.
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Old February 9th, 2018, 07:57 PM
I would not count this as a, "Ok, this falls under the Never mind category..."
For those of us that play 5ed have all come to experience the frustration of how the books are edited and put together. But the sentence before adds another modifier. This really changes how vehicles and drones work.

The book states on page 181 stats,” If a target vehicle or drone is moving ( that is, has a speed greater than 0), add the vehicle’s Speed as a negative dice modifier to hit said vehicle.” The following sentence goes into vehicle/drone size modifiers.

The example of the Fly-Spy id perfect. In the core book it is a mini drone has a speed of 3, but in Rigger 5.0 the speed is changed to a 1R. If you are using Rigger 5.0 there is a -2 due to the size of the drone, ( chart on bottom page 181), and an addition penalty for the speed of the drone. So if you use Rigger 5.0 the Fly-Spy has a -3 modifier, but if you use the stat block from the core rule book it becomes a -5 modifier. This is a difference of 2 dice, which is huge.

This is for the devs. I feel ya on trying to keep everything correct when Catalyst does not update the pdf's when they publish the hard copies months later. You guys got my respect and I will buy you a beer if we ever meet.

For the players, get at least a level 2 control rig for your riggers. With that you get the level bonus to Speed and Handling, plus reduces the difficulty on piloting/driving rolls by the level. This is a WIN WIN with Rigger 5.0
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