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Old March 14th, 2021, 12:20 PM
New 5e Pack released! Please give a big Thank You to Fenris447 for his fantastic job on getting this finished!

V3.1 - March 14, 2021 - Monster Mash

  • Adventure With Muk - Dankwood Goblin player race and all special monsters added.
  • Eberron: Rising from the Last War - All items, monsters, and languages added.
  • Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - Added charms, items, monsters, and spells. Thanks to RodainTheDwarf for the help with these.
  • Infernal Machine Rebuild - All items and monsters added.
  • Locathah Rising - Added monsters.
  • Lost Library of Kwalish - Added all items, monsters, and spells.
  • Rick and Morty - An item and a few special monsters have been added.
  • Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set - Added Adult Sapphire Dragon.
  • Spell Adjustments - Added adjustments to apply the effects of certain spells to your character. Select the adjustment, turn it on, and select any dropdown or incremeter items as instructed by the adjustment. Added: Alter Self (Natural Weapons), Awaken, Barkskin, Darkvision, Elemental Weapon, Enhance Ability, Enlarge/Reduce, Guardian of Nature, Haste, Holy Weapon, Mage Armor, Magic Stone, Magic Weapon, Otherworldly Guise, Shadow Blade, Shillelagh, Skill Empowerment, Slow, and Transformation.
  • Stranger Things - Special monsters and an item from the Hunt for the Thessalhydra adventure have been added.
  • Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything - Added all items. Magical tattoos allow you to select what general body part and follow the skin coverage rules in the book. A new adjustment called Remove Tattoo Limitations can be added to your character to disable those coverage rules. Added Juvenile Mimic, Reflection, and Mighty Servant of Leuk-o stat blocks.
  • The Tortle Package - Added monsters and the one item.
  • Tomb of Annihilation - Added all charms and the Yuan-Ti Transformation. You can find them in the Supernatural Gifts tab (enable that through the Configure Hero screen).
  • Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron - All remaining items added, Valenar and Aerini elf subraces added.

  • All - Rearranged the Supernatural Gifts tab to break out Supernatural Gifts, Blessings, Charms, and (eventually) Dark Gifts into separate lists. You may need to delete and re-select any Blessings and Charms you have active to keep things clean, but no functionality is altered.
  • All - Added Wild Shape options for most eligible beasts added to the Community Pack since MToF.
  • AI - The vehicles that were mentioned in release 3.0's notes did not actually make it into the pack. They're included in this release. Oops!
  • DoIP - Added charm.
  • EEPC - Added "(EEPC)" to the end of this book's version of its spells, to differentiate them from the XGTE versions. Also removed proper names from a few spells, to align with our Community Pack naming convention and match their XGTE counterparts. Also added a source to the Configure Hero screen to allow you to choose just the EEPC races for your hero without also enabling the spells.
  • EGtW - Added three languages and all deities.
  • ERftLW - Added two languages.
  • MM - Added Adjustments for replacing a weapon’s damage type, for adding the Multiattack ability, for changing racial hit dice size, and for changing racial hit dice count, and for adding another creature type that will supercede the current one.
  • MM - Added new NPC racial templates that can be used on any humanoid creature.
  • MOoT - Added adjustment to add the Piety tracker to a character, in case they don’t have one already. Also added an adjustment to add Nyxborn traits to a creature.
  • OGA - Source added for One Grung Above adventure. The Grung has been in the pack for years, but apparently never made it into the patch notes. Surprise!
  • PHB - Added many adjustments: add or remove spell slots, condition immunity, damage type resistance, damage type immunity, damage type vulnerability, sepecial senses (Darkvision, Tremorsense, Trusesight, and Blindsight),
  • PHB - Added adjustment to perform an ASI swap: select two ability scores and an amount to move from one to another. This is mainly intended for use with the “Customizing your Origin” Tasha’s feature.
  • PHB - Added Animated Object and Phantom Steed to the Encounter Builder, so you can put them into your portfolio when summoned.
  • Starter Sets - Sources have been added for the Stranger Things and Rick & Morty starter sets.
  • TCoE - Improved Deft Explorer and Favored Foe coding, so that they cancel any selected favored terrains and enemies. Canny will now add the language selections to the Ranger tab, not the Background tab.
  • XGTE - Added Tiny Servant to the Encounter Builder. Changed name of Snowball Swarm to remove the proper name to align with Community Pack naming conventions.

  • All - Added more sources to some things to hide them if their source isn't selected
  • All - Replaced more SRD things (spells, instrument) with their Community Pack counterparts.
  • ERftLW - Fixed an issue where Artificer subclasses were giving both a default tool proficiency and an extra one, instead of one or the other. Fixed level requirements on Mind Sharpener, Homunculus Servant, and Enhanced Arcane Focus
  • MM - Changed Aarakocra language to NPC, to match other NPC languages
  • PHB - Fixed Wild Shape adjustment to work again, and to properly pull in the Hero's bonuses as described by Wild Shape.
  • TCoE - Fixed a bug where Armorer was giving both smith’s tools and extra tool proficiency, and not giving heavy armor proficiency. Also fixed some typos.
  • UA Cleric Divine Domains - Fixed the level 5 and 7 spells for the Protection Domain to be awared at the proper levels. Thanks to mastratton for the catch.
  • VGtM - Fixed Yuan-Ti pureblood's Suggestion to be 1/Long Rest starting at level 3. Thanks to binnsr for the catch.
  • No known issues at this time.

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