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Old August 22nd, 2016, 08:05 AM
Version 1.6 of the 5th Edition SRD files for Hero Lab is now available. This update features enhancements, bug fixes, and data file authoring updates. Here's the full changelog:

Enhancements & Changes
  • A improved version of the rod of lordly might has been added. This functions as a single item, instead of as different items appearing on the magic tab and weapons tab.

Bug Fixes
  • Characters at maximum level were receiving an error about having enough XP to level up.
  • A cleric with the life domain wasn't getting the guardian of faith spell.
  • Weasels were not showing up as a valid choice for familiars.
  • Magical weapons requiring attunement were granting their magical properties even when not attuned. This includes the following: berserker axe, defender, flame tongue, frost brand, holy avenger, luck blade, mace of disruption, mace of terror, nine lives stealer, trident of fish command
  • The sun blade now reports an error if equipped when not attuned.

Data File Authoring
  • General racial specials for Spellcasting and Innate Spellcasting have been added. The IDs are xSpellcast and xInnatSpel respectively. These will automatically generate their descriptions based on the creature's spells.
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