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Old April 14th, 2023, 07:05 AM
Hello all you beautiful and way smarter than me people. I came across a potentially fatal break in the Feat Weapon Master from the 5e Community Pack this morning. I added Weapon Master as a Bonus Feat from the Adjustments menu, and it created a new tab for Feats, Bonus, and correctly had the choice of boosting my STR or DEX, but there was no place to actually select the four weapon proficiencies that the feat gives, BUT HL was giving me a validation error, saying I needed to choose the weapons to become proficient in...

Sorry I'm at work at the moment, so I can't upload the save file. If that's necessary I will be able to do that later this evening. Just wondering if anyone else can duplicate this problem. Is it just a problem with adding Weapon Master as a bonus feat? Any help to overcome the validation errors would be appreciated.

As always, thank you!!!!!!
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Join Date: Dec 2011
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Old April 15th, 2023, 04:34 AM
Hey all, just wanted to pop back in and say I found an easy fix for my own problem. Instead of adding Weapon Master as a Bonus Feat, I added it as a Racial Feat. Adding it on the Race tab brought up menu boxes for increasing STR or DEX by one AND four menu boxes to add proficiency for all available weapons.

So, found a solution. Maybe this will help anybody else that runs into a similar problem.

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Old April 15th, 2023, 07:27 AM
Yeah I started taking a look at it and can agree that the problem is specifically with the Bonus Feats tab and how Weapon Master interacts with it. Glad you found a solution that works for you!

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