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Old September 2nd, 2015, 04:10 PM
I'm particularly proud of what we have put together over the last few weeks! This month's release includes Hell Unleashed and all the content needed to play or run the Hell's Rebels adventure path right from the very start! This is the first AP we have been supporting with an encounter library as it is released, so enjoy. We also have caught up with the optional rules from chapter 5 of Occult Adventures, and released a bevy of improvements centered on making things simpler and clearer for spellcasters.

Finally, 3 books of errata and nearly 100 bugs great and small have been addressed, support for Occult Bestiary's first half (including spell point based magic for some of the monsters there), and enhancements to the interaction between polymorph effects and equipment benefit everyone!

New Releases
  • Hell Unleashed has been added as part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting #14 package. New devilish foes to confound your players await!
  • The first half of Occult Bestiary has been added as part of Pathfinder Campaign Setting #14. The latter half will be added as a free update for those who own the package in a few weeks. Note that if you're using these monsters on the iPad, their psychic spell-like abilities will not be accessible on the iPad, although they are available on the desktop.
  • Chapter 1 of the Hell's Rebels Encounter Library package is now available for purchase! This includes all the encounters from the first issue of the AP, in an easy to search format and with paizo's art. The remaining issues of the AP will be released as updates to complete the package as they are released to the public. As with the Rise of the Runelords GM content, no additional packages are required to make use of these portfolios, even though they draw on races from the Bestiary and other sources!
  • All users now have access to player content from Pathfinder #97, "In Hell's Bright Shadow". To see this content, check the "Hell's Rebels" setting under "Pathfinder Adventure Paths" on the Configure Hero form.
  • All users now have access to content from the Hell's Rebels player's guide.

Enhancements & Changes
  • The remaining rules content from Chapter 5 of Occult Adventures has been added. Chakras, psychic duels, and occult rituals are now available.
  • When using a polymorph effect, a new table is available to declare what pieces of equipment are subject to the spell's effect. You can, for example, declare this or that weapon/armor are not on your person when the effect is cast, which means it is now possible to polymorph into a new form and equip barding or pick up a sword sized for your new form.
  • Pools of temporary Hit points can now be tracked independantly of normal HP. When damage is applied, it will be subtracted first from any active pools before overflowing into real HP. (Unfortunately temporary hit points are not yet available on the iPad, but will be added in a future update.)
  • Spellcasters who memorize their spells can now place lower level spells in higher level slots much easier, by using a simple incrementer.
  • Hovering your mouse over spell levels will now provide a breakdown of how that spell level was calculated.
  • Hovering your mouse over spell DCs will now provide a breakdown of how that DC was calculated.
  • On the spells tab, spells now display a small icon which indicates what kind of magic they are (arcane, divine, extract, or psychic), which can be important for certain classes which mix different kinds of magic (like a medium channeling the Archmage, or an Alchemist with the Spell Knowledge discovery).
  • When selecting values for an attribute array, the name of the matching attribute will be displayed beneath the target score.
  • When using an attribute array for a character with one or more non-score abilities (like constitution for undead and constructs), Hero Lab will assume that the first score that doesn't match one of the array's selections was used in that "-" ability score.
  • The NPC tab now shows an incrementer for "number encountered" which alters how things are displayed in the statblock.
  • Shadowdancers now have access to their shadow companion at third level.
  • The craft (musical instruments) skill has been added. This skill is mentioned in Pathfinder Unchained's craft skill section as a specific type of craft skill.
  • Errata from the second printing of the Advanced Class Guide has been added.
  • Errata from the second printing of the Advanced Race Guide has been added.
  • Errata from the third printing of Ultimate Combat has been added.
  • Based on a clarification from Paizo, Dragons with the Change Shape universal ability should be able to take their full range of animal forms. They are an exception to the general rule that the form you assume with Change Shape must be within 1 size category of your base form.
  • Based on a clarification from Paizo, the alterations to what barbarian rage powers are available when using Consolidated skills (Pathfinger Unchained pg 58) should only apply to Core Rulebook barbarians (not Unchained barbarians).
  • Based on a clarification from Paizo, Craft DCs have been added for the alchemical items from Melee Tactics Toolbox.
  • Based on a clarification from Paizo, the spelling found in the Core rulebook and Ultimate Equipment "Shortsword" is a typo, and the correct spelling should be "Short sword".
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Old September 2nd, 2015, 04:10 PM
Bug Fixes
  • An unchained rogue with the vexing dodger archetype wasn't getting Improved Dirty Trick at second level.
  • The overland flight spell adjustment was granting a flight speed even when not activated.
  • Heat Wave had the wrong pre-requisites.
  • The psychic investigator wasn't replacing alchemy.
  • The psychic investigator wasn't counting as casting psychic spells for feat pre-requisites.
  • The hypnotic gaze nagaji ART was missing its usage info.
  • Kineticists could not qualify for the heat adaptation utility wild talent with water as their primary element or with expanded element (water).
  • The damage for blood blast was incorrect, and it was in the wrong table.
  • Craft Shadow Piercing had a typo.
  • Crane Wing had a typo.
  • Divine Deception had a typo.
  • Merge With Familiar's name was misspelled.
  • Caravan Drover wasn't making whips into martial weapons.
  • The kinetic chirurgeon wasn't counting its mercies correctly.
  • Extra Focus Power's pre-requisite was incorrect.
  • The eldritch scrapper was reporting an error if you didn't have any Martial Flexibility feats selected.
  • An unchained monk with the Maneuver Master archetype was still getting their Flurry of Blows ability.
  • The sound striker's weird words ability has been updated according to the FAQ.
  • The mindblade's psychic pool ability wasn't increasing at 6th level.
  • Kineticist blasts were adding the character's strength bonus to damage.
  • A bloodrager with the draconic bloodline wasn't gaining their correct natural armor bonus at 8th level.
  • An unchained summoner with the master summoner archetype wasn't gaining the Augment Summoning feat at second level.
  • Monastic Legacy wasn't adding its correct bonus for an unchained monk.
  • A ceru familiar wasn't using its master's hit dice for its luckbringer ability.
  • Armies that had low-light vision were still experiencing penalties from dim light.
  • Armies that had darkvision were still experiencing penalties from dim light and darkness.
  • Many items which applied an enhancement bonus to an attribute and some other effect were still applying the attribute bonus when Automatic Bonus Progression was enabled.
  • The Ogrekin template wasn't replacing the human's racial attribute bonus.
  • Many mutations and deformities added through the Ogrekin template were still applying thier effects when disabled.
  • Many racial specials which required choosing a natural weapon to apply their effects to (such as Grab), were not appending the extra text to the chosen weapon's damage when added through monster customization.
  • Wizard taken as a secondary class was not adding the Greater school ability of their chosen specialized school at the appropriate level, if the Greater ability was gained at a level other than 8th (such as for Abjuration, which gains it's greater ability at 6th).
  • Artful Dodge was allowing you to use INT to fulfill all DEX pre-requisites (instead of only those feats which require Dodge as a pre-requisite).
  • The Unchained version of the Superstition rage power was not counting as the original for the purposes of pre-requisites, which meant certain other rage powers that required Superstition could not be taken without a validation error.
  • The Asp race was missing the Small Animal racial special.
  • The Robe of Runes was missing selectors for choosing which skills gained the built in ranks for the Int increase.
  • Nargrym's Steel Hand was adding the wrong type of bonus to the CMD vs. Disarm.
  • Several stock NPCs from the GMG had minor errors.
  • The Clockwork and Illumination wizard schools were showing twice.
  • Wizard School Specializations from Deep Magic were missing their Ability Category tags.
  • The Tree Hanger feat could report errors if the APG optional maneuvers source was not enabled.
  • When using Staggered Advancement, the skill points gained at the 50% xp mark could not be spent on skills which were already maxed out as of the current level.
  • When using Staggered Advancement along with Background Skills, the 50% xp mark was not adding 1 background skill point.
  • The Bloodline Familiar archetype would always report a warning about needing a familiar to add it, despite the fact that it grants a familiar itself.
  • Trait bonuses to armor class (such as that of Defender of the Society) were incorrectly being passed on to the hero's CMD.
  • The Force of Will mythic ability had a typo in it's description.
  • Mythic characters with the Ironborn subtype were incorrectly spending one of their mythic ability slots on the Poison immunity granted by that subtype.
  • Unchained eidolons were incorrectly defaulting to their master's alignment, rather than the alignment of their chosen subtype.
  • Unchained eidolon subtypes were reporting an error if they did not match the master's alignment exactly, rather than allowing a difference of up to 1 step.
  • Weapon Blanches were not displaying a tracker for how many pieces of ammunition they had been applied to (note that if applying it to a normal weapon, the user should mark off 10 charges).
  • The Ustalavic Deulist archetype was gaining too many fighter bonus feats from level 2 onward.
  • Characters proficient in the madu were not seeing the attack penalties of Fighting Defensively and Combat expertise reduced while equipping a madu as a weapon.
  • The Reckless Rage feat was not altering power attack when an unchained barbarian raged.
  • The Darkwood material was reducing the ACP for tower shields by 1 too much.
  • The Evangelist PrC was not increasing the granted extra magic levels of an aligned prestige class.
  • The Warrior Priest feat was missing it's pre-requisite for domains or mysteries.
  • The Warrior Priest feat was not adding a bonus to casting defensively.
  • Weapon Blanches and Holy Weapon Balm were not behaving consistantly in how they were tracking their uses.
  • The Darting Retrieval feat was not recognizing brawler abilities when checking its Intelligence pre-requisite.
  • Kinetic Blades were gaining damage bonuses from elemental overflow.
  • The Ectoplasmatist kineticist archetype's Ectoplasmic Lash ability was not equippable with other weapons/shields depending on the form.
  • The Kobold Press version of the Shaman from New Paths Compendium was missing the majority of it's spell list.
  • The Fiery Spirit deific obedience boon was applying fire resist 15, instead of fire resist 10.
  • The Kinetic Fist ability was not applying damage to unarmed strike and natural weapons when activated.
  • Races with Racial spellcasting that drew from two or more classes of spells were not seeing mythic options for the 2nd and subsequent spell classes available to that race.
  • Demon Lords were not available to be selected as patron deities for PFS characters.
  • The Fast Movement text for unchained monks was incorrect.
  • Flying Kick and Knockback Kick were not showing the correct distance they move.
  • The Charger Companion archetype's Barding Training ability was not removing the speed reduction from a medium load from 3rd to 9th effective druid level.
  • The Evangelist PrC was not increasing the aligned class' ability to fulfill pre-requisites for custom special abilities of other classes than the selected. For example, it was not increasing the Investigator's level for meeting pre-requisites of Alchemist Discoveries he could take.
  • The Duettist Bard archetype was not granting it's familiar the benefits of Versatile Performance.
  • A cracked tourmaline sphere ioun stone was granting an item spell ability it shouldn't have.
  • A fiendish vessel's channel evil ability wasn't showing on the in-play tab.
  • The grappling infusion was missing.
  • Spell like abilities were not including the appropriate attribute modifier when calculating their bonus to overcome SR and make Concentration checks to cast defensively.
  • There were a great deal of typos and incorrect line breaks in the Heroes of the Jade Oath content, which should (hopefully) all be fixed now.
  • The CRB Eidolon was able to select manufactured weapons with it's Reach evolution.
  • An alchemy crafting kit was counting as tools for the craft (alchemy) skill.
  • Characters with Additional HD added on the Class tab (such as animal companions) were not displaying those HD correctly in the generated statblock.
  • A jungle druid was gaining its tree shape spell-like ability at first level.
  • The Resilience of the Faithful Psychic ability was not applying a resistance bonus to saves.
  • Paizo has clarified that the Gauntlet weapon should not be a separate selection for things like the weapon focus feat, and is instead a modifier to unarmed strikes, so the deity Ng, whose favored weapon is the gauntlet, has been changed to favored weapon: unarmed strike (including the PFS rule that deities with unarmed strike as a favored weapon grant improved unarmed strike to their clerics as a bonus feat). Previously, followers of Ng could not take the Weapon of the Chosen feat tree because weapon focus (gauntlet) was not available in Hero Lab.
  • Paizo has clarified that the Scorpion Whip weapon should be a separate selection from normal whips for things like the weapon focus feat.
  • Races inside polymorph effects were interfereing with the CR calculations of their hero.
  • Spell Like abilities for Classes and Prestige classes with no spellcasting or reduced spellcasting, were showing incorrect caster levels and concentration bonuses. For example, Hellknight SLAs were showing CL/Conc of 0, and Paladin SLAs were showing CL/Conc of class level - 3 (as though they were normal paladin spells).
  • The Ghost template was not eliminating all movement types except for its own fly speed.
  • Several monsters with the Summon universal ability were not displaying it correctly in the generated statblock.
  • The Witchfire was missing its Immunity to fire and it's sound mimicry ability was not correctly structured.
  • The Contract Devil was displaying it's binding contracts incorrectly in the statblock and they were incorrectly showing that they did nonlethal damage.
  • The Tengu's swordtrained and gifted linguist abilities were not properly showing in the statblock.
  • The Quick Draw feat was incorrectly allowing an alchemist to make a full attack with his bombs (only Fast Bombs discovery should allow that).
  • Adding an Age Effect adjustment was not correctly altering the headline summary of a hero with the chosen age category.
  • The Cyclopean Seer oracle archetype was incorrectly increasing the spell level of it's substitute Mystery spells which were not available to clerics. Although the text does limit the selection of such spells to one level lower than the current max, there is no mention of requiring higher level spell slots.
  • The Undine Wizard favored class option would sometimes apply its effects if it had been selected, chosen a target, and then been unselected.
  • Monks with the Wanderer archetype could add custom specials of the Sadhu archetype in their Far Traveller slots.
  • The Earth Hunter Focus was applying an untyped bonus to natural armor, instead of an enhancement bonus to the same.
  • The Wild Stalker ranger archetype's Acrobatics +2 and Climb +2 Wild talents had their effects switched.
  • Kineticist abilities added through Extra Wild Talent were generating errors about being overspent.
  • Air's Reach was incorrectly requiring Kineticist level 8, as though it were a 4th level power.
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Old September 2nd, 2015, 04:11 PM
Data File Authoring
  • The source book info field is now available in the editor for archetypes, classes, templates and races.
  • Templates now have the ability to replace racial specials of any race they are applied to. Simply add the RaReplace tag for any special you wish to remove to the template.
  • Added the abCategory.WizSpScLes and abCategory.WizSpScGre for the class specials bootstrapped by Wizard schools. This was required for resolving a bug.
  • Added the Hero.HasArtDodg tag, which allows the special pre-requisite effects of the Artful Dodge feat (allowing you to use INT to fullfil any DEX pre-requisites of feats that have Dodge as a pre-requisite).
  • Added the ReqFeat tag group as a way to automate certain pre-requisites. All feats generate these tags though they are not present by default, and if one is applied it triggers an automatic pre-requisite looking for the matching HasFeat tag on the hero.
  • Added the csmonselec procedure, which is meant to be called by racial specials at First 10000 if the special is normally bootstrapped with a Target tag but should have a selector when added through monster customization.
  • Added CountActiv to the ChargeCalc tag group. When added to a special the charges will be set to the number of active copies on the hero. For example, if a class special with ChargeCalc.CountActiv is bootstrapped at 1st, 5th, and 10th level, it will have 1 charge at 1st-4th level, 2 charges at 5th-9th, and 3 charges at 10th and above. ChargeCalc.CountActiv is the least powerful tag of the group, any other tags like ChargeCalc.HitDieFull override it if both are present.
  • Added the Hero.SkillLimP1 tag. This is used by the Staggared advancement rules from Pathfinder Unchained to allow characters that have gained their skill ranks for the next level but have not actually added that level to exceed the normal max ranks in any skill by 1.
  • Added the eidunalign procedure, which compares the alignment tags on the eidolon subtype that calls it to the alignment tags of the master, and validates as long as the alignments are within 1 step of each other.
  • Added the Hero.VPerfFamil tag, which causes any versatile performance abilities to also apply their effects to the character's familiar.
  • There is now a table on the Spellcasting to support Psychic Magic SLAs, which are like normal SLAs but draw from a pool of points and can remove a variable number of points from that pool upon casting.
  • Added new tags and resources to support Psychic Magic. Bootstrapping a spell with Helper.PsychLike will cause it to appear in this table. The pool of points is stored in the resPsychEn pick, and monsters which make use of these should bootstrap the Psychic Magic (raPsychMag) racial special with an abValue equal to the number of points they have in their pool.
  • Several new fields have been added to spells to support the increased spell slot mechanics. sLevelAdj is a user field which stores the number of higher spell levels the user wishes to memorize this spell in. sLevelMMag stores the number of levels this spell has been increased by applied metamagic (and supports history tracking). sLevelMisc stores the number of levels this spell has been increased by miscellaneous other effects such as Elven Arcana allowing you to take a spell of a different class but at +1 level (and supports history tracking). sLevelDC stores the level of this spell for calculating DCs. sLevelBase and sLevel are unchanged as the starting level unmodified by anything and the final spell level, respectively.
  • Several new fields have been added to spells to store different modifiers that go into the sDC field. sDCBase stores the starting DC (defaulting to 10), sDCLevel stores the DC from spell level (keep in mind that this is different from the slot a spell is in), sDCAttr stores the attribute modifier for the DC, sDCMisc stores miscellaneous bonuses and penalties to the DC and supports history tracking (it is used for things like Spell Focus). All of these fields now combine to generate sDC (which is the final DC of the spell).
  • The way which spell focus and greater spell focus function has been slightly tweaked, to be entirely tag based and better support the calculations breakdown. If you wish to apply a bonus to a certain school's DCs, you can still add to the schDC field of the school pick on the hero, or foreach through spells on the hero to add to their sDCMisc field directly.
  • Added the reqBAB field, which lets you specify the base attack bonus for many things. In particular, feats will benefit greatly from this.
  • Added the cSLACstLev and cSLAConBon fields to class helpers, which work similarly to cCasterLev and cConcCheck but store a different value for what SLAs coming from that class should use. Be default, this field value will be = to total class levels for this class.
  • The cSplAttVal field on the class helper now defaults to Charisma value if no other attribute linkage or tag is present.
  • The SourceAbbr component has been added to many new types of things, to allow gear and magic items to show their source in a superscript in the statblock.
  • Added the tAgeCat herofield, to store the hero's current age category.
  • Added the Helper.SLAPrimary tag, which marks a spell as valid to take as a spell like ability. This has not been applied widely as of yet, and so is just laying the groundwork for future enhancements.
  • Added the SpCastSrc tag group, which inherits from CasterSrc. Spells and spell like abilities apply one of these tags to themselves to specify what type of magic they are (arcane, divine, extract, psychic).
  • Added the DefSLACaSr tag group, which inherits from CasterSrc. This tag determines what the default SpCastSrc tag for a particular spell like ability is, if no other tag is applied.
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Old September 2nd, 2015, 07:30 PM
Holy moley, that's a lot of content! I was going to complain about the lack of material from the Dirty Tactics Toolbox, but it's obvious that you've had quite a lot on your plates for this release. I will wait patiently for the next one instead.

Bravo! :-)
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Old September 2nd, 2015, 10:42 PM

Ya, LOTS of good stuff here!

So....are we able to add snazzy pictures to our own custom Encounter Libraries we build for our campaign?


RPTools.net | MapTool Discord Invite

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Old September 2nd, 2015, 11:10 PM
Sorry, but core, base and advanced classes are disappeared after updates of September 02... What's going on?
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Old September 3rd, 2015, 02:49 AM
Erevis I know that certain packages can alter the selection of things for example the "summoned creature" option under "classes to show". I know that this update hasn't caused this issue for me and some other people I know that use hero lab.

Other then things like that I wouldn't know what to point to and you might want to contact their support.

PS. Do you see the classes when you open an existing portfolio? If so the initial idea I posted here seems even more likely

Last edited by Togainu; September 3rd, 2015 at 04:08 AM.
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Old September 3rd, 2015, 06:49 AM
Erevis, please get in touch with us via support@wolflair.com so we can look into the problem. Thanks!
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Old September 3rd, 2015, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by Jamz View Post

Ya, LOTS of good stuff here!

So....are we able to add snazzy pictures to our own custom Encounter Libraries we build for our campaign?
You should be able to do this by putting an image named "cover.bmp" in the root directory of your encounter library - any such image will be used as the cover image.
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Old September 3rd, 2015, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Colen View Post
You should be able to do this by putting an image named "cover.bmp" in the root directory of your encounter library - any such image will be used as the cover image.

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