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Old January 28th, 2024, 11:08 PM
Hello, when I'm playing around with character creation.

Dragon-bloodline Bloodrager
- develops claws as natural weapons while raging
- Hero Lab automatically provides these natural weapons while the 'Raging' toggle is on, as well as the standard attribute buffs to Str-Con-Hp-etc., but only while the rage is toggled on
- since PFS wants hard copy at table events, we currently need to print two versions of the character, once for 'normal play' (95%) & once for rage benefits that produce extra abilities or weapons (originally just a few rounds of combat which increases, but still relatively small % of play)

- Hero Lab already has a 'Print Weapons Sets' option to create combinations of dual wielding or alternating damage types, and the rage-claws can be included into that as well, but they vanish when rage is toggled off
- I was thinking that since the attribute buffs are standard enough to easily modify, it would just be the temporary extra abilities or natural weapons that could be added into an option similar to (or directly into) the 'Print Weapons Sets' availability

Has anyone else found other temporary effects with race / class combinations that are missing from a standard character printout?
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Old February 4th, 2024, 08:08 AM
Generally HL includes on the sheet (and prints what is on the sheet) things that are always present.

If you have a feat that lets you do something occasionally, it is generally not on the print out.

If you have something like your Rage that can toggle, it seems to have just the current state.
There are adjustments you can do, likely everything that a Rage provides, as "weapon adjustments" which you could apply to the claws.
Or you could do the reverse and turn the Rage on/enable it, then do adjustments for your non-Rage weapons to the normal range.

I'd tend to print one, likely the combat version, and have a PDF of the other.
If you needed a hard copy of each, then what you're doing is what HL is best designed for, as Rage grants temporary hit points and stat/saving throw boosts.

Those non-weapon changes would have to be in one state or the other, as adjustments are always on or always off.
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Old February 4th, 2024, 07:31 PM
When I have a character (usually martial) with a lot of different options for their combat numbers I make a spreadsheet with the various common options pre-calculated. Here's an example of one I used for a Barbarian: Valder's Combat Sheet (Ignore any formatting weirdness; it looks fine in Excel on my machine.)

Also, for what it's worth, I've never had any problems using Hero Lab on my computer at a PFS table as long as I had the chronicle sheets with me. I make binders with the character printout, their chronicles, and purchase tracking anyway (I don't like to rely on having power at a convention) but I've played, played with, and run for people using laptops or tablets plenty of times.

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