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demandred at skrill.org
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Old October 4th, 2000, 10:55 AM
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Yes! A double bumper bonus for you all today.

Army Builder v2.0b has just been released. Incorporating numerous bug
fixes and a toy new validation bar across the bottom of the screen, you
should download it without delay from http://www.wolflair.com/.

Hot on its heels are the Beta-III files, which you can download as usual
from the 40k folder of http://www.egroups.com/ab-files/. Changes in this
version include:

All armies:
Finally! Vehicles now complain if you put too many people in them! A
miracle! A miracle! It's not perfect, mind - it doesn't check to see if,
for example, a Space Wolf leader can fit into a Rhino if he has
Fenrisian Wolves with him.
Imperial armies now get Assassins again.
Campaign mode added again! Hooray!
Transport Vehicles now appear at the very end of the options menu, and
as the very bottom item on unit lists.

Space Marines:
Terminator Sergeants now get free Power Weapons and Storm Bolters.
Attack Bikes now get Blind Grenades for 2 points, rather than 4.
All Apothecaries, Techmarines, etc. should now be able to get their
special items, rather than just plain Space Marine ones.
All Bike Squads should now have a Toughness of 4/5, rather than just 5.
Tightened up the code so that squads with Terminators in them - for
example, Command Squads with a Force Commander in Terminator Armour -
are no longer offered Rhinos.
Changed the priority of the Command Squad, it now appears later on in
the option list.
Chaplains now lose their Crozius when they select two Lightning Claws.
Terminator Armour now gives you a 5+ Invulnerable Save, as per this
month's White Dwarf.
Terminator Tactical Squads now get Heavy Weapon limits imposed properly.

Costs for Fusion Pistols and Plasma Pistols in squads are now being
applied correctly.
Other armies can now take Harlequins as allies, as per the rule that I
missed but Daniel Rothman spotted and altered the file for. Good show!

Stopped Warlocks giving an incorrect "Not enough Farseers" message.
Made ulthwe totally exempt from the 1 Farseer : 5 Warlocks rule.

Kult of Speed:
Taking a Warbike Outrider Nob no longer adds an extra HQ choice.
Deth Koptas now have the correct save.
You can now only take 1 Deth Kopta Mek.

Space Wolves:
Finally added the Othr composition group, so the Wolves can take the
Emperor's Champion.
Rune Priests can no longer take Fenrisian Wolves.

Added Boarboyz and Weirdboyz from the 40k rulebook. You can see them by
choosing "Show Black Codex" from the Settings menu. Note that the
Boarboyz have an 'advanced Nob', i.e. he obeys the new rules for Wargear
etc. rather than the old ones. Also note that taking 'Eavy Armour gives
him a 2+ save; I'm not sure if this is right or not. Talk amongst
All warbikes now have 18" range Big Shootas and their saving through
specified as "6+/5(U)+".
The Warboss, when he takes a Bodyguard, loses his "mount in Trukk"
option - use the bodyguard's instead. Sorry about that, but it was
necessary to nail in the improved vehicle handling.
Looted Vehicles can now take more than one Searchlight (i.e. if you have
more than one vehicle).

To both imbeciles who tried to convince me the Scarab's save was 3+: It

Biel-Tann Eldar:
Striking Scorpion Exarches in the Court of the Young King can no longer
take the Stealth exarch power.

Blood Angels:
Corrected Mephiston's Toughness to 5.

Dark Eldar:
Corrected one of the error messages.
Added the Vehicle Upgrades from the most recent White Dwarf.
Moved the Warp Beasts to the 'Othr' composition group.
Corrected the Incubi's stat line.

White Scars:
Implemented a basic rule to make sure that the number of units needing
transport is less than or equal to the number of transport vehicles.

Imperial Guard:
The PDF and Steel Legion now have access to various Catachan stuff.
Instead of being able to select Sentinels as a child of a command
section, you now just add them as normal and choose the "Command
Section" option.
Stormtroopers now get Flamers for 5 points.

Dark Angels:
Taking a Command Squad no longer prevents you from wearing Terminator

'Not Colin' McAlister - License to Skrill
Email: demandred@skrill.org | Visit http://www.skrill.org/ today!
"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain" - Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time

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