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Old October 17th, 2020, 08:03 AM
Ok, I'm wondering if this is possible.

1) I have a gizmo helper, AmmoHelper, to help with the gizmo (ammo) for a weapon.
    name="Ammo Helper">
    <!-- Gear cost -->
      name="Weapon Base Cost"
    <!-- Selection Tag Expressions -->
      name="Equipment Tag Expression"

2) The cost of a full reload for a weapon is 20% of the cost of the weapon. On the particular ammunition, the grCost field is set to 1.
3) This script runs on the ammo itself -
~make sure we're in a gizmo to travel to
doneif (parent.isgizmo = 0)

var parCost as number
var myCost as number

parCost = parent.field[grCost].value
myCost = parCost * .20

field[grCost].value = myCost
parent.field[grCost].value += myCost
parent.field[wpDamage].text = field[amDamage].text
When I click edit to add ammunition (frag grenade reload) to a weapon (grenade launcher), the cost displayed in the field value (when selecting as a thing) is always the set cost in the grenade's cost field.

Is there a way, when is it a Thing instead of a Pick, to use the BaseWeaponCost field from the AmmoHelper to calculate the cost to be displayed?

Once the ammo is added to the weapon, the Total Value of the weapon and ammo (the weapon cost + 20% for the reload) is correctly displayed.

Working on -
  • (SWADE) WIP Savage Rifts
  • Savage Rifts (Deluxe): Update link in This post
  • Star Trek Adventures: Update link in This post
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