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This post will now make use of Dropbox link for access to my DMM_Additions.hl file. Here are the links:
For automatic updates in Herolab use: "https://www.dropbox.com/s/mofa6xsfnembb4j/updates.xml?dl=1"
For manual download of the HL file click here: DMM Additions.hl
EDIT: Steven Universe races will be removed from this content on next release (1.75). Going to redo the whole thing into its own files.

Content updated: 01/29/2020 Current Version: 1.74

1. Deft Defense = Adds INT to AC as Dodge bonus (General/Combat) from 3.5
2. Force of Personality = Use CHA for Will saves instead of WIS (Upbringing) from 3.5
3. Insightful Reflexes = Use INT in-place of DEX for Reflex saves (General/Combat) from 3.5
4. Steadfast Determination = Use CON in-place of WIS for Will Saves (General/Combat) from 3.5
5. Kung Fu Genius = Use Int in-place of Wis for Monk AC bonus, Stunning Fist DC, and Ki Pool. (General/Combat) from 3.5
6. Sun Devotion = Simple light channel feat from 3.5 (Domain)
7. Tactical Awareness = Use INT in-place of WIS for Will Saves (General/Combat) from 3.5
8. Powerful Build = Grants Powerful build (Upbringing)
9. Two-Pistol Fighting, Improved, Greater for the Two-Pistol Slinger Archetype (Gunslinger level 1 required)
10. Toughness (Stackable). If you pick up toughness, then this feat will become available, from 3.5
11. Energy Admixture = You can modify a spell that uses one type of energy to mix in an equal amount of another type of energy, from 3.5
12. Energy Substitution = You can modify a spell that uses one type of energy to use another type of energy, from 3.5
13. Expanded Magical Potential: An Elf can get an additional casting level if the player has selected the associated ART.
14. Hidden Talent INT/WIS/CHA = 3.5 feat. Grants limited psionic power.
15. Improved Warforged Fortification = You gain immunity to sneak attacks and extra damage from critical hits, but you lose the ability to be healed by spells of the healing subschool. For Eberron campaign setting. Not for my variant of Warforged.
16. Craft Psionic Arms and Armor
17. Dwarven Favored Soul = +1 caster level (Dwarf)
18. Expanded Magical Potential = +1 caster level (Elf)
19. Dual Rifle Wielding = Prodigious Two weapon fighting for rifles.
20. Phaethon Veteran = Become a more powerful Phaethon.
21. Brutal Throw and Power Throw = Attack and Damage bonus feats for throwing. 3.5 feats.
22. Royal Heirloom Weapon Proficiency (Upbringing) = Grants proficiency to a custom or magical weapon of your choice.
23. Reward of Faith = Empowers LOH healing to others.
24. Virgin = +2 to saves. Lose it when virginity is lost.
25. Volley of Stars = Throw additional shurikens equal to your dex mod bonus, cumulative -1 per shuriken thrown.

Edit: I had to overhaul the Kung Fu Feat due to subpar coding on my part.
It is much better now, this link details some of the code I revamped.

1. Psionic Gunner = Prestige Class: Requiring 5 Levels in SoulKnife (with Soulbolt Archetype) and 5 levels in Gunslinger.
2. Stage Magician = Normal Class: Dex based caster with a touch of random magic casting. A cross between a Bard and Rogue.
3. Wild Mage = Prestige Class: (Complete Arcane variant, p. 68) Wild mages aspire to cast spells without structure.
4. Shadow Assassin = Normal Class: Adventurer’s Handbook: Genius Guide Volume 1.
5. Death Knight = Normal Class: Similar to Paladin/Antipaladin, ideas drawn from Super Genius Guide: Death Knight
6. Paladin of Erastil = Prestige Class: Earn the title of paladin!
7. Paladin of Iomeda = Prestige Class: Earn the title of paladin!
8. Paladin of Irori = Prestige Class: Earn the title of paladin!
9. Paladin of Sarenae = Prestige Class: Earn the title of paladin!
10. Paladin of Shelyn = Prestige Class: Earn the title of paladin!
11. Paladin of Torag = Prestige Class: Earn the title of paladin!
12. Allomancer = My own take on a class that allows the character to consume metals for power.

Custom/Alternate Racial Traits
1. Powerful Build: Addable as Other Trait when using the Race Builder
2. Tiefling Flight: This racial trait adds flight 30ft 'average' in exchange for fiendish resistances and must have vestial wings.
3. Natural Wrestler: Trait for Taurians and Mereitaurs granting a +2 to CMB/CMD in exchange for Taurian weapon familiarity.
4. Phaethon Elf: Phaethon race from Dragon Lance. Gain fire wings.
5. Elven Magical Potential: Trade Elven Magic for a +1 arcane casting level to one class of choice.
6. Dwarven Devotion Potential: Trade Hatred and Greed for a +1 divine casting level to one class of choice.
7. Practiced Mind: Dromite race. +2 bonus to either Wisdom or Intelligence. Removes Scent and +2 to Charisma.

Half-Elf Hertiage
1. Phaethon Elf: Phaethon race from Dragon Lance. Gain fire wings.

Custom Class Ability
1. Animal Companion SR

1. Quarter-Dragon = Template for when PC is offspring of a Half-dragon
2. Half-Fey Creature = A nerfed version of the Fey creature template.
3. Death Knight Template = To be added when becoming a Death knight or starting as one. Apply if Death Knight is Undead; as there can be living Death Knights too.
4. Elite = +4 to saves and attack, +6 to AC and 50 additional HP.
5. Solo = +8 to saves and attack, +12 to AC, 250 additional HP and one size larger.
6. Young = Adds the effects of being a young creature.
7. Fusion-Touched = Slight bonuses to beings who have fused with Gems; Half-Gems.
8. Borg = Resistance is futile!
9. Corrupted Gem = Makes a Gem creature into a monstrous beast!
10. Half-Vampire = variant of the Dhampir
11. Half-Medusa = Homebrewed variant. Basically a +2 CR template.

1. Elemental Breast Plate = 3.5 based.
2. Mithril Full Plate = 3.5 ruled.
3. Greatblade of Ashicus = Weapon of Legacy item GreatSword
4. Taz's Tazer = WoL item Rapier
5. Quarry = WoL item Mammoth Lance
6. Ioun Stone of Stat (WIP) It is running without values so for now just use the adjustment tables when using this item. Price is set for a +20 stat bonus.
7. Redeemer = Holy Avenger Greatsword. (WIP)
8. Gem Destabilizer = Effective against Gems and other constructs listed.
9. Warbow = 2d6 exotic composite longbow.
10. Silver Longbow = 1d8 19-20/x3 longbow with Holy.
11. BloodMourne = +1 katana with human bane (cursed)

Item Powers (Enhancement = Non-magical / Enchantment = Magical)
1. Cunning from Weapons of Legacy (Constant)
2. Protection from Arrows from WoL (Constant)
3. Gravity Well Hammer = Major hammer enchancement
4. Hawke Blade = Masterwork quality enhancement
5. Heavy Hammer = Masterwork quality enhancement
6. Liberating = coded version of RGG's Krazy Kragnar's Black market Liberating.
7. Mindarmor = +3 to will
8. Muramasa blade = Very deadly but cursed weapon.
9. Sharpened Blade = Masterwork quality enhancement
10. Soshu Blade = Masterwork quality enhancement
11. Weighted Hammer = Masterwork quality enhancement

1. Warforged: Decided to make the Warforged Race available with choose-able Physical and Mental stats. +2 Physical and -2 to two Mental stats. Treat as older Gen models as they are closer to Golems.
2. Gems: Based on the Steven Universe show. More selections will be added. (NPC Race)
3. Half-Gems: Based on the Steven Universe show. (PC Race).
Note: SU content will eventually be moved to its own file. Details will be listed above when this happens.

1. Archivist = Int Cleric (WIP) Note: Added more knowledge skills as class skills. Merely for fit as opposed to 3.5 design.
2. Tinkerer = Additional archetype for those who take Construct Rider. Merely adds Trapfinding for the Alchemist class.
3. Warrior of the Dead = Death Kinght: Alternative to the Warriors of the holy light archetype (Death Knight)
4. Two-Pistol Slinger = Gunslinger: A two-weapon build archetype for the Gunslinger.
5. Medical Ninja = Ninja: You are a Ki surgeon. Based off the anime Naruto.
6. White Haired Witch fix = Witch: Adjusts the White Haired Witch's hair attack to use INT for both attack and damage, instead of just damage.
7. Forgeborn Kin-Maker = Aegis: You posess the know-how to make others of your kind. Your crystal forming abilities make this task much simpler then it would for any other Forgeborn doing the same task.
8. Beacon of Positivity = The paladin has shunned their war-like practices to further connect with the ever empowering state of nirvana and the positive plane!
9. Pouncer = Aegis Rogue.

1. Goblin Business Degree = Use INT instead of CHA on Diplomacy checks involving haggling.
2. Goblin's Curiosity = Use INT instead of WIS on Perception checks.
3. Contested Rage = Basically a rewording of the Country Born Trait.
4. Chugger = Utilize all charges within a potion in one round.
5. Stealth Training = Makes stealth a class skill.
6. Protect your ward = You are assigned a ward and you can immediately interrupt any attack towards your ward taking the full damage instead. (Training)
7. Watch Out! = Disable Device training.
8. Child of magic item merchants = You are trained at Appraise and Sense Motive.

Favored Class options
1. Shadow Assassin Halfling +1 CMD
2. Shadow Assassin Half-Orc +1 dam to crit damage.
3. Shadow Assassin Dwarves +1/2 Atk Bonus to confirm crit.
4. Shadow Assassin Half-Elves +1/2 to Skill Bonuses
5. Shadow Assassin Elves -1/2 minute to Deadly Focus
6. Shadow Assassin Humans 1/6 Shadow Style
7. Shadow Assassin Gnomes 1/6 Shadow Talent
8. Shadow Assassin Pipers Sing Darkness
9. Warforged +3 Hit Points
10. Warforged Add a +1 bonus on Base Speed.
11. Warforged Fighter Add a +1 bonus on initiative checks.
12. 1/4 Init Fighter 1/4 bonus to initiative.
13. +3 HP to Barbarian Barbarians and Unchained can now get this.

Monk Talents
1. Kaioken = You gain great power, but incur a great cost. Can choose up to x40 power threshold.

Spell Weapon
1. Animate Tattoo (Magic) = May now be selected as a weapon from the normal weapons list. The Attack and Damage are calculated in. Reflex for disbelief has not been added yet. Set only high Int, Cha, and Wis.
2. Animate Tattoo (Psionic) = May now be selected as a weapon from the normal weapons list. The Attack and Damage are calculated in. Reflex for disbelief has not been added yet. Set only high Int, Cha, and Wis.

Dragon Rider Class: Mounts added:
1. Dragon Steed, Black Shadow-Touched = A variant test mount. Both are more pure dragon like.
2. Dragon Steed, Blue Umbral = Made for Wrath of the Righteous with my story themed character.

Gems types added: (They also have counterparts for the Half-Gem race.)
Lapis Lazuli
A Steven (Special)

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