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Old September 10th, 2012, 11:27 AM
Anyone have some NPCs or PCs they would like to share?
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Old September 10th, 2012, 03:23 PM
Sure, I'm bored; I'll share a few of the characters I've made.

First up is Jack, a.k.a. "Frost" - built with Karmagen, at 1,000K.

He's just a kid, only fourteen ... give or take. He's not quite sure, you see - he has no memory before being found wandering the barrens by the members of a gang. Luckily, "found" really means "wandered by and saved their asses in a display of Adept-enabled badassery", so his story didn't end quite as swiftly and sadly as one might expect.

That was a couple years ago; sine then, he's become quite an asset to the gang, though he's been encouraged to step into the shadows by oneof his contacts (who is, unsurprisingly, an occasional 'runner with an eye for Awakened talent and a willingness to ignore Jack's youth - the C2/L3 Paramed Shaman, in the HL portfolio).

The concept I was trying to explore with this build is: an extremely young character (potentially as young as 13), who nonetheless could work as a shadowrunner, alongside adult characters, and be believable as such.

He's a bit of Infiltration, and a bit of hand-to-hand combat. And he's reasonably effective in combat, despite being a kid and having a Strength of only 2. Yayy, Critical Strike. Also, yayy Elemental Strike (Cold) ... from whence he derives his handle. The end result of everything together is 17 dice to attack, dealing 6P(cold) ... and cold goes against half Impact armor. So, no, 5P isn't superhigh. Give the boy a few years to grow and fill out a bit, get that strength up to a 4 or 5 ... initiate a time or two for mroe Critical Strike ... and, yeah. Scary potential. And not half-bad in the interim.

On the metagame level, his youth is as much advantage as disadvantage. Most people should underestimate someone that young, and in some places, not even notice him (e.g. shadowing someone through a shopping mall). OTOH, there's places he can't legally go; I wouldn't try to pull off a character this young in a Missions setting, for example, because some scenarios assume everyone goes to X or Y major nightclub, and ... whoops, no fake ID in the universe is going to pass a ninth-grader off as being 21.

Personality-wise? Smart-assed punk gang brat ... who actually CAN back up his bravado in a lot of situations. Even against an adult Ork or Troll.
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Old September 10th, 2012, 03:33 PM
Number two - and I'll stop here for tonight - is a Dwarf Sniper, also built with 1,000 Karmagen. (It's just more fun to build at that level, IMO.)

Yes, his street name is Thorin. Yes, it's intentional ... IC and OOC. As he would say, "get over it already."

I build a LOT of adepts, so this time I wanted to go with pure Augmentations, no magic. And rather take the easy way out, by making an Ork/Troll tough-guy, or an Elf ninja ... I decided on a Dwarf. And instead of being the techie hacker or rigger, I went straight to Sniper.

With his preferred weapon - a Shiawase Tactical 69 - he drops 21 dice without any Take Aim actions, topush 9P, AP -1 attacks that are so silent "if you can hear the gun go off with your ear pressed up against it, something must have broken" - electronic firing, integral silencer, and subsonic ammunition stack up to a 9-die malus against anyone trying to hear it being used.

Couple that gun with a 14-die pool for infiltration, and of course full Chameleon gear ... and, yeah, he's a darned capable little sniper, ain't he?

Meanwhile, yes he has a WEE touch of Rigger in him ... because it's extremely useful for the sniper role. Three LoneStar iBalls (with limited mobility removed, so, these suckers can still roll around) modded with gecko tips and chameleon skins, plus a stealthed Renraku Stormcloud LTA as an eye-in-the-sky, give him a great deal of situational awareness, even when peering down the scope of his '69 at the back of some unsuspecting target's skull.

(For close-up work, he favors an Enfield AS-7 autoshotgun loaded with SnS. Noisy, but very effective.)
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Old September 10th, 2012, 05:04 PM
There's some on Dumpshock, I think in the Community section.
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