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Old March 16th, 2013, 12:34 AM
In Hero Lab, the Metamorph modifier for the Morph power isn't working correctly.

When you select the Metamorph extra for Morph, Hero Lab gives you an extra character portfolio to fill out, which is how it should be, however it doesn't give the new character the Morph power or at least subtract the point cost of the originals Morph power.

The problem with this is according to the power rule for Metamorph, all your forms have to have the exact same Morph power, you CANNOT relocate the points spent on your Morph power and every alternate morph has to have the power.

You'd think this could be solved easily by just adding the power yourself, however when recreating the exact same Morph power on the new form, it will create a new Metamorph form for each rank in the Metamorph extra. This makes it difficult to duplicate the Morph powers cost, as you shouldn't be gaining extra Metamorph forms from the alternate forms Metamorph.

Here is a rules snippet for Metamorph:

Metamorph: Morph only changes your appearance; you still have all the traits of your normal form. This modifier allows you to have an alternate set of traits, essentially a complete alternate character you change into, one set of traits per rank in Metamorph.


All of your forms must have your full Morph effect as well; those power points cannot be reallocated.


Flat +1 point per rank of Metamorph.
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Old April 5th, 2013, 08:04 PM
Makes me wonder how DC Adventures (which uses the same ruleset) handles a character like Beast Boy/Changeling who can change to just about any animal (living, extinct or alien) he can think of, keeping his intellect and gaining the physical characteristics of the new form (including becoming much larger or smaller -- at one point in the Teen Titans TV series he turned himself into a blue whale, and dinosaurs are easy and common for him).
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Old April 6th, 2013, 09:25 AM
In DC Adventures, Beast Boy uses the Shapeshift power which has the Variable effect as it's core mechanic.

When you model Shapeshift in HeroLab it gives you a power tab setting within the power which you can use to create different 'templates', i.e. Fox, Badger, T-Rex within the point pool provided by the ranks you have in Shapeshift.

Does this help?
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