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Daniel V
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Old August 15th, 2023, 10:11 PM
Hey all, I'm here to give a bit of a general update on upcoming content, insofar as I can, and touch on a few points of interest. Information has been sparse, unfortunately, for various reasons (largely the sheer number of hours Rob works). But I can at least give you all a general roadmap of content, and a bit of context on some stuff.

As for who I am, I'm Daniel, and since the start of last year I've been data file team lead (the one team that isn't one person, woo!). I'm in charge of us getting the book content in the system and into your hands, and making sure it's the best quality we can make it.

A disclaimer, I'm not here to argue about this content vs. that content, or how things are packaged/priced, or the status of bugs are. I like talking to you all, I like helping you all out, and I understand that not everyone agrees with all decisions or finds use in everything. I respect that, as I am also a person with opinions. That said, let's get to it.

As a general guideline, Paizo release dates are always our target to coincide with for releasing materials. If that isn't going to happen, I'll post in the appropriate forum with a bit of info on what's up, and what's being delayed will also be part of the release notes.

The other general reminder to give is about bug reports. I have to slot in bug work in around other projects depending on their scope and severity. We've done solid work on the backlog over the past year, and I've been trying to keep us on top of new ones as much as possible, but book release deadlines are always first priority. Sometimes its also a case where we need to have discussion on solutions, and depending who all is involved that complicates them. Not saying it isn't frustrating to not see your bug fixed, since they impact games, but I have to ask some forgiveness there as there's a variety of factors.

Onward, to content!

Starfinder Enhanced comes out mid-October. We just got the materials, so we're about to get a start on that once I can look it over. A lot of content there, including some updates to classes (for those unaware, envoy, solarian, technomancer, and witchwarper are getting updated versions, outline of the book here ). How we'll be presenting those needs some discussion, but existing characters will be maintained as they are and content still usable without the changes as well.

While on the topic of Starfinder, as I'm sure it's a big question, decisions on what to do about the SF2 playtest will be closer to its launch. It's a case where we certainly would like to support it, but it's a year out and with no details yet on the content or what else might be releasing around that time, it's too early to make any calls for certain. Also just to be clear, this is specifically about the playtest, not SF2 proper. I'm pretty excited though (Zon-Shelyn???)

SF APs are another rough point I know, which I might as well touch briefly. They wound up falling behind a few years ago, around the time of us being all hands on deck to get PF2 ready to launch for Gencon iirc. I know there was a lot of further work there after the launch too, and a rapid release schedule, and it wound up just becoming a deeper and deeper hole. I don't really have info to share on them currently, and with SF2 on the horizon now it's pretty uncertain. Don't take it as not caring about or supporting SF, I would love to get them in, but it's a deep hole and extremely limited personnel.

Switching gears to PF2, remaster stuff approaching in mid-November. Not a whole lot to share there currently. We've had some preliminary info, but once I look over the actual content we'll discuss how we're approaching it. A lot depends on the scope of changes, so once we have a better idea there, we'll let you all know.

We've also been working on integrating the Vault further with the character content. Not much in the way of details I can share there yet, as it's still coming together, but its been looking nice and I'm appreciating the functionality.

That's all I've got for now. Thanks for being here and letting us be part of your gaming!

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