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Daniel V
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Old January 26th, 2022, 09:56 AM
Here we are again with the first big release of the year! Quite the range of things rolling out today, but most notably Galactic Magic for Starfinder is now available, featuring a ton of new character options and spells (who would have guessed?) We will be doing a followup release for this as well, since due to the complexity of many of the features we opted to delay the release of the prepared spell variant rule, the scaling 0-level spells variant rule, and the school specialist archetype in order to ensure we could get you all the main content at release. So look forward to that soon, and in the meantime happy casting! (and bending time, and creating things, and just telling magic to move...)

New Content

SF - Galactic Magic is now available - Purchase Now

Notable Changes

Improved organization and layout of the "Select Character" view. See "The Nitty-gritty" for details.
PF2 - The classes from the APG, Secrets of Magic, and Guns & Gears have been updated to work properly with the GMG's Level 0 character rules.
PF1 - A Spells section has been added between Abilities and Equipment, consisting of tabs focused on spellcasting and spellcasting-related tables that your character has.
SR6 - Fixed dice roller errors appearing in the Condition Monitor window.

The Nitty-gritty

Select Character and Folders

The create folder button, folder "breadcrumbs", and folder list are now grouped together near the top of the page.
The campaign PCs list has been moved below the folder list.
The create folder buttons on the select character, scene scripts, and cast member pages are more clearly labeled now.

Gear List
(Note: This refers to the expandable "hierarchy" of all gear on the character, available in some side panel views)

Reorganized the gear list hierarchy. Container-less items are now grouped at the top so they can be easily found. Off-character locations, such as "Elsewhere", custom locations, vehicles, etc are now at the bottom of the list in a separate section for clarity.
Items in the gear list intermittently appeared in an unintended order.

Adding Items to Tables

Added a message indicating when all options have been filtered out.
Deleting an item from the "Selections Made" side panel would not cause the item to reappear on the list of options.
The list of choices would not update to reflect changes made to the character on other tabs/devices without being closed and reopened.

Unsuspending a Container and Its Contents

Added the ability to unsuspend a container and its contents all at once.
When unsuspending a container, a window will appear showing the option to also unsuspend its contents, which is checked by default.
This option is disabled if it would result in exceeding the weapon limit.
The confirmation windows when suspending a container or moving into a suspended container have been removed as undoing these operations is much simpler now.

Dice Roller

When editing, moved the "Add" button (which adds a new term to the dice roll) into the dice editing menu that appears when clicking on the dice.
When editing, added a close button at the top right of the dice editing menu.
When editing, removed a non-functional "back" button appearing at the top left of the dice editing menu.

Misc Changes and Improvements

The app menu (gear icon in the upper right) will now display your account name at the top when logged in.
The pop-up "toast" notification message informing users when Hero Lab Online was updated now displays the time of the release in addition to the date
Renamed the "Make Snapshot" option to "Share with Support" for the sake of clarity. This option is now always available by default instead of requiring the "Enable character snapshotting" setting to be set in the Troubleshooting menu.
PF2 - Visual and layout improvements to the Ability Scores table

Misc Bug Fixes

Windows opened from a menu sometimes appeared beneath the menu itself.
The "Inaccessible Content" warning is now legible.
PF2 - The tables for Automatic Bonus Progression and Level 0 Abilities were not displaying their title bars.
PF2 - The magus class was displaying the summoner's description information.
PF2 - Automatic abilities from specific familiar ancestries, such as faerie dragon, were displaying in both the Racial Abilities and Familiar Abilities tables.
PF2 - When a feat or ability allowed the selection of a language, such as the Familiar Speech ability, that table's language options were always empty.
PF2 - The calculation of what bulk a Tiny creature's gear counts as for their total Bulk was resulting in significantly higher values than they should have. (Known Bug: When items of negligible Bulk are stacked, they will tally as a single item for the purposes of 10 items = 1 Bulk. We are still working to address this issue.)
PF2 - The AC bonus added by the Mountain Stance feat now stacks properly with armor potency runes on explorer's clothing, the mage armor spell, and bracers of armor.
PF2 - The Spellshot class archetype for gunslingers was changing the Key Ability Score from Dex to Int. Instead, it should only change which ability score is used to calculate the class DC for the gunslinger class, but leave the key ability score as is for other purposes (like which ability score gets a Boost).
PF2 - When using the apprentice variant of the Level 0 Character rules from the GMG, some classes would report errors that you had not made a core choice for that class (such as selecting a sorcerer bloodline) when no choices were allowed.
PF2 - When using the apprentice variant of the Level 0 Character rules from the GMG, wizards' spellbooks did not show that they should add 2 cantrips.
SF - Custom ranged weapons were not displaying their attack and damage information on the Play tab.
PF1 - The Snowcaster ethnicity for elves and the Pahmet ethnicity for dwarves could not be selected by a user who only owned Heroes of the Fringe, but not People of the North or People of the Sands, even though those ethnicities were reprinted in Heroes of the Fringe.
PF1 - If you added an armor material like mithral that makes your armor count as a category lighter, the material would base its price on the new category, not the price for armor of the original category.
PF1 - Overwhelming Presence was incorrectly listed as a 4th level spell for psychics, instead of a 9th level spell.

Upcoming Release Dates for Major Books

PF2: Book of the Dead - Current release date from Paizo is March 30th
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Old January 28th, 2022, 03:02 PM
Thx for these release notes Daniel
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Daniel V
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Lone Wolf Staff
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 252

Old January 31st, 2022, 01:42 PM
Rolled a hotfix out today (1/31) that fixed a pair of issue that cropped up with the recent GM release.

SF - Spells cast/day were not being calculated correctly as a spellcaster advanced in levels.
SF - A precog adding the chronomancy anchor could not select their focal paradox skill.
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