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Old September 10th, 2015, 11:07 AM
A new update of the Shadowrun 5 files for Hero Lab is now available from the automatic updates mechanism within Hero Lab.

This update adds the Data Trails book to the SR5 files! You can add this package to your license from the "Purchase Data Package" option in the License menu, and it's available for $9.99.

We're adding another book from Catalyst's Enhanced Fiction line - Nothing Personal. This book has been added to the Supplements #2 package, which is available for $9.99, and already contains Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation and the enhanced fiction books Sail Away, Sweet Sister and The Vladivostok Gauntlet. The package isn't complete yet, and will be getting at least one more supplement or pdf added as a free update in a future release.

Chrome Flesh and the remaining content from Run Faster will be coming as soon as possible.

Here's the change list for this update:
New Releases!

  • Content from Data Trails is now available! You can purchase this by choosing "Purchase Data Package" from the License menu.
  • Content from Nothing Personal is now available in the Supplements Package #2! You can purchase this by choosing "Purchase Data Package" from the License menu.
Enhancements & Changes

  • Matrix devices (cyberdecks, commlinks, and RCCs) can now be equipped on the matrix tab. You should only equip one device at a time, which marks that as the device you are currently using to access the matrix, which means your character's matrix initiative will be calculated based on the data processing attribute of that device. On existing characters, make sure you go to the Matrix tab and select which device you're using to access the matrix
  • Hosts can now be selected as a type of character to create. Once you've created the host, you can add IC to that host.
  • Incorporated the changes to the Shadowrun Missions FAQ version 1.4
  • Added an adjustment to allow the inherent limits to be changed.
  • Added an adjustment to modify initiative (previously, you needed to choose the Attribute adjustment, and then choose initiative as the attribute to modify).
  • Added adjustments for matrix and astral initiative and initiative dice.
  • Added adjustments to modify the four matrix attributes on devices.
  • On the Temporary Adjustments table only, added a set of adjustments to apply the effects of IC like Acid, Jammer or Shocker that reduce your matrix attributes or matrix initiative instead of (or in addition to) dealing damage.
Bug Fixes

  • Unlike in 4th edition, SURGE is not a quality, and should not count towards a character's karma limit for positive qualities. SURGE will now show up on the "Racial Modifications" list that is on the basics tab, and appears just under the priority choices once you've chosen a race.
  • The Linguist quality was not properly discounting a character's language skills.
  • The equip drop-downs for weapons were showing more options than they should.
  • If the initiative was set to NOT use the "Roll Initiative Every Combat Turn" setting (which means it was not using the Shadowrun system's standard initiative rules), the initiatives would not be properly reset in the new turn. Note that there is a limitation to using this option if you also make changes to a character's initiative - Hero Lab will assume that any changes you make to the initiative are something you want recorded as part of the character's initiative in the next turn. We could not figure out a way to distinguish between users entering new initiative values because they prefer to roll physical dice and users changing the initiative to fix mistakes or to reflect unusual circumstances, so we assume that if the initiative is changed, that change should be reflected in the next turn's initiative.
  • On short screens the entire qualities tab will scroll so that changeling martial artists can see all of the options on their qualities tab.
  • On short screens the entire Basics tab will scroll, so that infected can set their attribute bonuses.
  • The races like Pixie and Sasquatch that add a Magic attribute should not be something that can be combined with Technomancer abilities.
  • The In Debt quality did not function properly when used with the Prime Runners or Street-Level Play Alternate Gameplay Options.
  • Cyberlimbs were making all natural attacks deal physical damage, instead of only modifying unarmed strikes.
  • Bone Lacing was making all natural attacks deal physical damage and improving their damage, instead of only modifying unarmed strikes.
  • Augmentations that are a weapon, or a type of armor (like cyberlimbs or bone lacing), or a cyberdeck would not gain the essence discount from the Burnout's Way quality. Important Note: this change will only be automatically applied to new augmentations. In order to apply it to an augmentation that was added before this update, edit that augmentation, and find the settings button at the bottom right (it looks the same as the edit button that opened the edit form). Click that to open the settings form, and turn on the "Burnout's Way Discount" setting.
  • The description of the Chop Shop Mechanic contact was incorrect - it was using the Border Patrol Agent's text.
  • The cost of the Low-Light Vision metagenetic quality was incorrect, and it should be the cheaper level, rather than the more expensive level that makes a character count as having a freakish appearance.
  • The point cost of the Workshop/Facility lifestyle modification was incorrect.
  • The point cost of the Soy Processing Unit lifestyle modification was incorrect.
  • The damage ratings for the bolas and monofilament bolas were not including the character's strength.
  • The Auto-Assault 16 shotgun's availability should be forbidden, not restricted.
  • Having a high or better lifestyle was not fulfilling the Symbiotes requirement to either have a high lifestyle or buy special Symbiotes food.
  • The Bilingual quality should not be a legal choice to add after character creation.
  • Complex forms added as advancements were not being counted against a Technomancer's maximum of Resonance x 2 forms known.
  • When adding the "Other Specialty" specialization as an advancement for a skill, several pieces of information were drawn on top of each other.
  • The melee damage listing for the Urban Tribe Tomahawk was missing the "P" damage code.
  • Changelings are not normally allowed in Shadowrun Missions (those who are grandfathered in should ignore Hero Lab's error message about this).
  • The Striking Skin Pigmentation metagenetic quality should not count as creating a freakish appearance.
  • The Underbarrel Bola Launcher was not using the dicepool from the Exotic Ranged Weapon: Bolas skill.
  • The Magical Guard critter power was not allowing a character to use the Counterspelling skill.
  • Infected characters were losing their unarmed strike attack if they gained a natural attack from their infected type.
  • Some metagenetic qualities that added natural attacks (like Raptor Beak, Claws or Fangs) would hide the character's unarmed strike.
  • Grunt NPCs with an initiate grade did not have the option to add Metamagic abilities. They can now add these on the Magic tab.
  • Grunt NPCs with a submersion grade did not have the option to add Echoes. They can now add these on the Resonance tab.
  • Under certain circumstances, on the customization form for firearms, a black box could cover elements of the header.
  • Adding enough lifestyle modifications to lower the maximum allowed for a category below the minimum allowed for that category would cause odd behaviors. The odd behaviours have been fixed, and the character is warned about the conflict, because the reduction in that category's maximum is effectively a cost that you cannot pay.
  • Weapons that were added as a modification of something else, like spurs in a cyberarm, or an underbarrel weapon on a gun could not select how they were equipped - they would always list the default equip state, even if the user selected another option.
  • For an adept whose Mystic Armor power was only coming from a Qi focus (rather than one who used a Qi focus to improve the Mystic Armor power they already had), the Mystic Armor's armor bonus would not be applied to the character's armor totals or damage resistance dice pool.
Data File Authoring

  • Added a Streams tab to the resonance group, for the technomancer streams.
  • The Program, Agent tab was renamed Program, Agent/IC, because it now also covers the IC added to hosts.
  • Added the Race, IC tab to the Race group, to allow IC races to be created.
  • Added the Race, AI tab to the Race group, to allow AI races to be created.
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