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Old March 19th, 2013, 07:32 AM
A new update of the Shadowrun files for Hero Lab is now available from the automatic updates mechanism in Hero Lab.

This update adds Running Wild to the Shadowrun files. More than 300 new critters to throw at your players. Running Wild is available in its own package, and is $9.99.

Here's the complete change list for this update, copied from the FAQ:

New Releases!
  • Content from Running Wild has been added as a new package.
Enhancements & Changes
  • -
Bug Fixes
  • When selling an item with a variable rating, the listed cost would be too high.
  • The fading resistance diepool for a technomancer was not displayed on the printouts (it is now in the Living Persona section).
  • If you purchased the General Products COP from the Vehicles tab, there would not be any stats for the vehicle.
  • The simrig (which includes a sim module) was not counting as a sim module for the purpose of linguasofts or knowsofts.
  • The HK Urban Fighter's special silencer would generate errors if it was added to the weapon.
  • For a metasapient AI character, the inherent programs were not shown on the printout.
Data File Authoring
  • The Critter Purchase tab now allows you to set fixed ratings, or set rating limits. This is used to choose the group rating of swarm or mischief biodrones. Unfortunately, this also means that any user-created items for the Critter Purchase tab will need to be modified, to have their "Fixed Rating" box checked.
  • If you want to create a Warform or Chimeric animal using the editor, you will need to apply the effects of the various genetic enhancements to the stats of the baseline critter before entering those modified stats for that critter.
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