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Old October 18th, 2021, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by Farling View Post
I will need to fix the wording of that particular error report.

It indicates that the identified numbered topic does not exist within the RWEXPORT file.

Does your RWEXPORT contain everything in your realm, or is it a partial export?
It's a full export. I tried it again with the updated importer and I didn't get any warnings this time, so maybe something is different, or maybe it was just a glitch.

Originally Posted by Farling View Post
I think this is a BUG in Realm Works: the HOME PAGE topic is not put into the Realm Works Export file.

This will affect anybody who tries to use that page in a realm that they want to export to another user.

Links TO the home page do get put into the Export file, but the topic to which the link points does not get created - maybe this will generate an exception/error during import into a new realm.

Even the "Duplicate Topic" link is disabled, so it isn't a trivial matter to make it a normal topic within Realm Works.
I don't really need the home page, since making a custom landing page in Foundry is probably better practice anyway, and it can include all the links I want from the RW home page.

I will note that the links to it in the import seem to have vanished. So rather than broken links there is nothing. That's not a problem, since otherwise I'd have to delete them manually, but it seems to differ from the expected behavior as I understand it, so I wanted to report on it.

Is it possible to also alphabetically sort the Relationships? I think that's about the only issue I can see left. Everything else seems to be working great.
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