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Old August 17th, 2023, 01:42 PM
So, there are a few Archetypes out there that do exactly what I want done, but even if I copy them verbatim, my list doesn't change... I'm 100% sure I'm doing it right (though, I've been wrong many times in my life when I was 100% sure of something...), but it just doesn't work.

Tab: Archetype [New (Blank)]
Phase: Final Phase. Priority: 11000
      doneif (islinkage[varies] = 0)

      if (linkage[varies].field[cTotalLev].value >= 6) then
        perform linkage[varies].assign[fInclude.fClawPounc]
        perform linkage[varies].assign[fInclude.fRendClaw]
No errors, compiles fine, Have tried from Phase First 1000 to the current iteration, and just doesn't work... I've even tried adding a Class Special (like with the Scaled Fist), but that just errors repeatedly because I don't know what to 'setfocus' on. :/

Sorry for the newb image I'm tossin' at you... Any ideas?

Edit: Oh, and Timing is set to: After: Find Flurry Weapons

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Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 60

Old August 18th, 2023, 01:05 AM
I am the biggest idiot, you all just ignore this thread because the problem was the idiot behind the keyboard... The code worked fine, what was wrong was that I didn't delete the feats from the Feats tab of the character sheet, so of course it wasn't going to list them.

Anyhows, all working now.
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