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Old April 10th, 2022, 04:43 PM
I've tried a few of the alternatives. I tried Fantasia Archive, YAARPS or whatever, scouted Campfire, actually went all in on Foundry VTT (and may use in a future campaign)....but even with the importer by Farling (thanks anyway for trying man, you rock) it just made a big mess of my realm.

Some of us went all in with years and years of work into RealmWorks because believed in LWD. Because we saw the potential and the vision and believed in it.

And now we're stuck with an increasingly broken program that contains years of hard work flushed down the drain. What did we get for believing in LWD? Well, not much. And I know everyone is pissed about it and it's a big deal that theres no as yet discovered way to make RW a financially profitable venture, but to those of us stuck holding the short end of the straw we don't care that much.

Fix it, or sell it to someone who will, if you ever want respect or allegiance from a fan base again you can't sell a false bait to the DMs/GMs who make these games possible then just piss on them at the end of the day. Not cool, not happy, not to piss back on you but for the love of the gods someone has to fix this. Even if it isn't the creators...
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