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Originally Posted by Merion View Post
Fantastic work! Today I uploaded my 1.2GB realm while I was mowing the lawn (made the mistake of using firefox, but still went through fine when I came back). Super happy with the result!

Two minor questions:
a) I do keep wokring on my realm and so I will have to do an update of the imported content at some time. I guess that's what the "delete existing content" checkbox is for, right? So it deletes the content and replaces it with the newer version. Is the tool smart enough (yet) to only replace the ones who have changed? Can that even be detected? Because that might speed up things quite a bit. The part where I decided to do something different in the meantime was when creating 1500+ journal entries seem to take rather long ;-)
b) I pften use GM Directions on map pins, like "this door is locked and needs a lockpicking check DC 20 to open". Those don't seem to be displayed anywhere. Maybe adding a journal entry where those are stored may be an option? Or did I simply miss them?
The RWoutput file itself doesn't indicate any changes. In an earlier version it did delete any existing journal entry and replace it with a new one, but I removed that when I switched from compendium to world entries.

I have a 400 MB file which generates 2600 entries; and a 800 MB file which generates 2000 entries. I think that doing the import onto a remote server might be slower - I do all my testing using a local installation.

One option would be to only include in your revised RWoutput file the topics that have changed; but that might be cumbersome to manage. I could provide an option to delete individual existing entries which have the same topic name/journal entry title.

2) GM notes are still something to be sorted out. I have them marked in journal entries, but I forgot about them in the map pins. It already displays any non-GM note on map pins, so adding GM notes is small work.


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