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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
At the time the reputation journals were coded, 1-05 hadn't been published, so there were no examples of ways to get more than one faction's worth of reputation per chronicle (other than the special boons, which are rare enough that they're not worth special handling, and can be handled through extra journal entries).
Before 1-05 came out in October, 1-04 had the Faction tag (Exo-Guardians) in September, and 1-03 had the Faction tag (Wayfinders). The Faction tag and how it works is laid out in the SFS Guide.

Originally Posted by SFS RPG GUIDE, p. 5:
Faction: Scenarios with this tag list one or more associated factions. For example, “Faction (Acquisitives)” would indicate a scenario that is of some importance to the Acquisitives faction. Similarly, a scenario with the “Faction (Exo-Guardians, Wayfinders)” tag would indicate a scenario that would be of interest to characters championing the Exo-Guardians or Wayfinders faction. This tag generally corresponds to scenarios with additional Reputation awards for the association factions. More information on factions, Fame, and Reputation is provided in Appendix 2: Factions.
Now, I'm not trying to add fuel for an unnecessary discussion, I know that you were 110% focused on having the CRB ready for consumption and not the SFS splat books for us Society feeders =)

But what I would like to argue against, is to have to add different Journal Entries for the same adventure (again), you already fixed the XP issue that we had on PFS where we needed to make 3 journal entries for a module simply by adding a numerical entry instead of the checkbox. That was a step in the right direction, so let's find a way to not take a step back =)
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