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Old April 24th, 2020, 10:00 AM
Our group is making use of HLO for Pathfinder 2E Extinction Curse AP. I have a Patron account and am sharing content with my players. However, we've noticed a few things that would be of great benefit for improvements:

Character Management
- Copy character within campaign: My players would like to be able to make a copy of their characters so they can level up the copy to figure out what choices they would make so they are ready to level during the session. I don't want them to do this on their 'live' character, but if they make a copy of the character using the current tool, it copies the character to their private vault where they don't have content shared from the campaign. There are 2 suggestions to deal with this:
---- Simple: Allow copying characters within the campaign.
---- Cooler: Allow for 'save points' or something on the character. A player could make a 'save point' for "Live", then make edits to the character and roll back to the 'save point' when ready to play again. A single save point would accomplish this, but multiple save points would be nice. In HLC we could simply do this by saving separate files.
- GM add private character to campaign: I don't know if it is a bug or not, but I am unable to add any characters in my private vault to any of the campaigns I created. When I attempt to do so, the list of campaigns is empty.

Dice Rolling
- Dice Roll Log: Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a roll history/roll log. This is necessary to validate rolls.
- Party Rolls: Especially in Pathfinder 2E there are numerous 'hidden' rolls the GM makes (Perception, Will Saves, etc). It would be nice if there was a feature where I could tell it to roll all player characters' Perception or a save or a skill. It would be better if I could select a subset of player characters for this roll, and I foresee times when I would need to make a global check for all NPC/foes in the Stage.

Inventory Management
With HLO moving to a web interface, I was quite disappointed to see that inventory management hasn't really changed from HLC. It is still a flat list of items. I have various ideas of improvements that range from simpler ideas to really cool:
- Simple: If you click a backpack, the flyout does show the items contained in that backpack... so the data exists for what items are in what containers. A simple solution would be to add a column to the display that shows the parent container... that alone would be a big help with the existing interface. One step more would be to automatically sort first on container then on name so that all items within a container would be at least grouped.
- Better: In addition to sorting the list so that items are grouped together, items in a container should appear following that container and be indented to indicate they are within the container. Essentially, shift from a flat list to a tree view so that containers can be expanded and collapsed. Tree views are versatile enough that they work for both small and large inventories.
- Even Better: Tree view is probably the best option, so here I'll simply add the ability to drag/drop within the tree instead of clicking a flyout to move an item to another container.
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