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Old September 4th, 2020, 03:43 PM
Opening from Rob:

NOTE! Due to our antiquated forums not allowing me to move posts from one thread to another AND keep my initial post in this thread at the top, I'm stuck having to edit the first migrated post. That certainly is not my desire, but it's the only option I appear to have.

I have created this thread as a separate and more suitable thread for Realm Works users who are choosing to vent in the HLO forum. Except for the "segue" in daplunk's initial post below and one additional comment, the rest are simply RW users venting, so all the posts have been moved here. For context, this thread kicks in after post #44 in the thread here: http://forums.wolflair.com/showthread.php?t=64521

Based on daplunk's initial post, he rightly wants me to engage in this forum, and I read his post as a plea for me to do that. So mission accomplished, you've got my attention. However, some of the subsequent comments struck a bad chord with me, and I won't be responding immediately to ensure that I don't let emotions cloud my words. I will get back to this thread sometime over the 3-day weekend here in the States. In the meantime, you can share further thoughts here if you choose.

And now for @daplunk's original post...

Sounds like a familiar story. I can see a familiar community forming behind you again in hope.

We all know how it already ended for the Realm Works corner though. We stood behind you for years through the copious issues LWD and you have personally endured. You got to a point where you were finally ready to launch the ability to make some money and the next minute you pull the rug out from below our feet and drop support altogether.

I honestly wouldn't be that mad if you hadn't patched in a tool breaking bug. Sure you promised to fix it back what a year ago? Whats the status of that fix?

I can't understand how a company who I saw in such a positive light is just so comfortable with releasing the store and selling customers content that relies on the RW/HLC functionality and then breaking it and then just leaving us to rot in the corner. You sold us import packs and then left the ability to import broken.

Where are you Rob? Because the Rob I know, cared so much about his products and his community that he would have dedicated the time to fix the issue he introduced.

At this point you have solely put LWD on the red list for me. Not to be trusted until they can prove they have the management and team ready to support the promises they make. And this post is writing on the wall for me. A story we have seen before and an outcome that will in this case leave people angry. You can't continue to run a server only solution on your pc after-all.

You will probably get angry over this post. But lets be honest. I communicated this to you via the private channels and the crickets gave a resounding answer of lack of care.

The RW community want to know what you are going to resolve the bugs you implemented Rob. Why don't you pop on over and let us know when that may occur.

I wish i could have moved on from LWD altogether. But the old Rob made great tools and the competition hasn't quite caught up to you yet.

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Last edited by rob; September 5th, 2020 at 12:59 PM.
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