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Fox Lee
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Old April 7th, 2012, 11:48 PM
Hi folks,

Since it doen't seem to work natively, I've been trying to put together a working version of the Skald (Heroes of the Feywild) for HeroLab. The downloader found all the new poers and such, so all I really have to do is copy the bard and tweak it to swap out the three-or-four class abilities they changed.

Deceptive Duelist works, more or less (though I couldn't get it to apply selectively to only one-handed weapons so my solution was to grant the Skald an extra power that serves as an alternative basic). However, I'm having a problem with the "Master of Story and Song" feature, which grants extra daily powers:

You gain two 1st-level bard daily attack powers of your choice, but each day you can use only one bard daily attack power.

When you gain a bard daily attack power at 5th level, you can use two bard daily attack powers per day, but no more than one of a particular level. Similarly, after you gain a bard daily attack power at 9th level, you can use three bard daily attack powers per day, but still no more than one of a particular level.

At level 15, 19, 25, and 29, you gain a bard daily attack power of your level or lower without having to replace a power, but the number that you can use per day remains at three.
I tried to template this off an existing feature, but the closest I could find was the extra at-will power from the human, and that had a lot of extra code relating to the class and augmentable powers and such. The Skald just needs to grant an extra daily at the appropriate levels (the mutually exclusive usage is a minor issue to me, since I use HL for a builder rather than an in-play tool).

So, is there a way I can just increase the available daily power picks at the chosen levels? I would have tried already, I just don't know how to refer to this value within HL's code.


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